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Tandberg 52" profile, dead screen


We are in the process of tidying up our storage room at work and yesterday i found a new tandberg 52" profile in original boxes.

I assembled the system(with a 6000mxp) and quickly concluded that the screen is dead

I get the green light on the top, but that's all. I can't get any contact with the screen via the "Telepresence Monitor Control" software, and no picture is ever displayed. Get the error "Monitor is not respond" from the software.

I've changed a few of these screen on-site at customers, but never experienced a screen dead out of the box. This has probably been in storage for some time. Is there any way to kick the screen out of suspend mode or is the only option to get it replaced?

Best regards

Alexandere Røed


Tandberg 52" profile, dead screen

Hei Alexandre.

Not sure about the software you mention. The word "Telepresence" sounds quite modern to me.

Is this a Cisco or a Tandberg software.

I would look for some old days Tandberg Test tool, just ask your colleges.

Think there were differtent screens used, did you check, that the powerswitch is on and

I think most have buttons as well. Some screens also had the capability to react on IR remote.

Did you check the cables and the codec? Like what happens if you connect a different codec or

a different monitor to the codec.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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