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Tandberg C Series Duplicate H323 Alias


We have 8 numbers of C40 registered to VCSc. When we try to add a new c40 endpoint, getting a duplicate Alias message on C40 system information.

The Alias we never used before, can we delete the Alias from VCS database? Either from VCS Administration page or from CLI?



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Tandberg C Series Duplicate H323 Alias


You can delete registrations from the VCS adminstration web gui yes. Go to registrations and select the one you want to delete and delete it


Cisco Employee

Tandberg C Series Duplicate H323 Alias

You may change “Registration conflict mode” to “Overwrite” (default is “Reject”) then try to register your new C40.

This configuration is available under “VCS Configuration > Protocols > H.323”.

VCS will accept registration request from your C40, when will most probably remove from registration shortly.

You may find which device has duplicate H.323 ID or/and E.164 alias by checking registration history or/and registration status on VCS Web GUI (instead of taking diagnostic log and review it).

You may “Unregister” existing registered device from VCS from “Status > Registration > By device” but may original registered device send RRQ (Registration Request) before your new C40 which will end up same situation.

Re: Tandberg C Series Duplicate H323 Alias

Hi Bobby, Magnus and Tomonori!

It maybe just a simple conflict of the main address. On h323 you can only have the same alias once

registered to the VCS. Tomonori desctibes them nicely, though I would stick with the reject and fix the issue.

This might not be that obvious as Magnus describes, sure sometimes its really a hanging registration

which shall be kicked out.

But I have seen cases where the VCS complained about the duplicate alias in the event log,

and no h323 alias or e164 numbers matching were found in the current registrations.

But a diagnostics log on the VCS might give the answer. In this case it were TC5.x systems which

had the second h323 alias "No Name ()" (think this comes if its managed via TMS and no system name

was set up + a specific tms setting how names are handled.

Anyhow setting the system name on the TMS (or possibly directly on the endpoint) fixed the issue.


* 1st check if there is a obvious h323 alias / e164 duplicate. if not:

* check that the systems have individual system names set up in tms/on the endpoint. if not:

* do a diagnostics logging to figure out what causes the confict. if not:

* ask here or open a TAC case.


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