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Tandberg licensing system down?

I am trying to upgrade a C40 and when I enter the Serial Number and MAC of the C40 and click on the Verify button on the licensing page, I get this error:

Error in fetching Contract details as the C3 Connection is not available..

I assume this is a Cisco Licensing system issue?  Can anyone confirm this?


Jesse Hindmarsh


Tandberg licensing system down?

Hi Jesse

Upgrade is available for valid servise contract.

You can receive new release key on

No need enter MAC. S / N is enough.

You button - Tandberg software upgrade&lookup.

P.S. If you use old C40 without valid servise, your C40 may not migrated from Tandberg database. If error - you may e-mail to

Br. Oleksandr

br Oleksandr
New Member

Tandberg licensing system down?

the same issue on me.How to see the release key after upgrading?use command or other way?

New Member

Tandberg licensing system down?

I have also had this issue a number of times with the Cisco Licensing Site.

All my systems have valid contracts yet the site always give the same error message.

I now email all my upgrade requests and other licensing request through to

They are normally very quick to respond with the keys I need.

Tandberg licensing system down?

linuxxiao: you do not "see" the release key after upgrading, at least not on the endpoint unless it was added.
You have to either use TMS, the Cisco Licensing website, licensing team or some other cisco channels.


Btw, there is also a dedicated "ex-tandberg" licensing team email, and yes you are right, are usually quite fast.

But I must say I really miss the simple, scaleble way (which also supported bulk lookups of up to 500 serials and its export to xls) by TANDBERG.

I noticed some slow response of the tp license lookup web-page, ...

Also never understood why its:



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New Member

Re: Tandberg licensing system down?


I agree, the bulk lookups was a great feature.

I have submitted this a few times to Cisco as a feature request… but that’s about where it has stopped.

I try use TMS as must as possible to pull new upgrade key but a lot of my systems were not added to the TMS backend Database on Cisco’s side so my TMS would never give me information on my endpoints. This however is currently being resolved.

Tandberg licensing system down?

Yea, you are not the only one with a feature request for that, ...

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New Member

Tandberg licensing system down?

That means the only way got release key is contact cisco.The end user can not get release key use command  or TMS.

Thank all.I got C40 release key from

Tandberg licensing system down?

Yay - looks like licencing portal might be a bit simpler to use soon:
"PLEASE NOTE: This portal will be  updated within the next few weeks as mentioned in the below downtimes.  The process to  obtain and maintain Cisco software licenses will be greatly simplified  and streamlined. We hope this will  improve the ease and speed of your licensing experience. A preview and  overview of the upcoming changes to this portal can be viewed via the  following 5-minute VIDEO"
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