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TCS Recording black box

When you add TCS to call it adds a black box and shows it recording but it stays on the call showing it. Can you turn this off so it doesn't show the black box on the call?


First of all you should check

First of all you should check your legal requirements of recording calls, that info might be a requirement.

Depending on what you connect to that device might not show the logo. Like on the MCU

you can add it as a pre configured participant with muted video.

(then you can show a nice red recoding icon instead of the recording screen).

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As Martin has mentioned, if

As Martin has mentioned, if you use an MCU or TelePresence Server, you can mute the incoming video of the TCS.

This has even been asked before a couple of times, and there are even 2 enhancement requests for it, CSCty83791 and CSCup47470.  If this is something you really like to see, suggest you contact your Cisco Account Manager and see if they can push either of those requests for you.

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