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TCS with direct WMP Problem

Dear all

I have a new TCS6.0 on UCS Server which is running very well.

problem is as soon are open the Live unicast stream via WMP direct link


sometime the stream are stopped and see the message "Network busy..." sometimes after a while the stream are synchronised and works well.

showing the stream via WebBrowser via Silverlight, I don`t have any Problems.

I have got this issue also on the older TCS5.3 plattform

Any Idea why I have the Problem with direct WMP?

Is it possible to open a direct Windows with Silverlight with the same publishing point?

Any input appreciated



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TCS with direct WMP Problem

Since you are seeing the WMP error/issue regardless of TCS platform, and the viewing in the web browser via SIlverlight seems to be fine, it could possibly be a client issue. Here is a post from a Microsoft support forum with some steps that can be done on the client that might help:

Community Member

dear allI got more or less

dear all

I got more or less the same problem as georg. the wmp stops after a while.
In the wmp statistics (local player on tcs) i see the selcted bit rate drop, as well as the bandwidth in use.

checking the performance monitor of the windows media services on the tcs i see al lot of late reads and late sends. even with no client connected i get a lot of late reads. also the current file read rate every now and then drops to zero. is that normal behaviour of the tcs encoder?

any ideas?

best regards




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