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Telepresence endpoints + CUCM + firmware updates

Back when it was VCS and TMS, you could use TMS to push updates to many TC-based endpoints and it would manage that process.  I'm wondering how this is done when CUCM is managing these endpoints, or if that's even supported.  It'd be a pretty big functionality gap to have CUCM be able to provision and manage these endpoints, but have them require manual firmware updates.

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If you are familiar with

If you are familiar with upgrading phones on CUCM then this is no different.

1.  Download CUCM version of software

2.  Install to CUCM Nodes via Unified OS Administration (Software Upgrades --> Install/Upgrade)

3.  Once installed, go into Unified CM Administration (Device --> Device Settings --> Device Defaults) and verify the new software is there.  

4.  Restart TFTP Service under Unified Serviceability (Tools --> Control Center-Feature Services)


Next time you reset or reboot the device and it goes into call manager, it will pull its software upgrade.


Yeah, I was hoping that wasn

Yeah, I was hoping that wasn't the case, or at least, not the only option.

These image files are enormous, and as such, they bloat the already-bloated DRS backups by 250MB - 300MB, per endpoint type.  We have SX20's, MX G1's, and an SX80.  That's over 1GB of bloat added to every backup.  I'd suggested to Cisco that they allow us to configure a dedicated load server for stuff like this, so we can keep these images off the core TFTP service and out of the DRS backup flow.  They allow you to define the image itself in the Product Specific Configuration, but not the Load Server.

The other issue, at least, from my practical experience, is that if the upload of the image to the endpoint takes too long (>20 minutes or so), it just fails.  Having CUCM centralized, and having these endpoints registered over WAN, it's been...challenging to update them efficiently.

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