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TelePresence Server 310 deployment with TMS Scheduling

So my new project is to install the following new hardware:


  • VCS Control / Expressway
  • TMS with Exchange Scheduling
  • TelePresence Server on Media 310 appliance
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings Server


  • The customer has an existing installation of CUCM 9.x with a mix of SX20’s and EX90s.


The Release Notes for the TP server 310 state that this device is available in REMOTELY Managed mode only. No Local.

So Conductor is a mandatory it seems. Now there are quite a few different deployment/ configuration guides for Conductor but there is a document called “

Cisco TelePresence Conductor with Cisco TMS Deployment Guide (XC1.2, TMS14.1)” and another called “Cisco TelePresence Conductor with Cisco VCS (B2BUA) Deployment Guide (XC2.2)”.


These both seem to be around the VCS.


So what I’m asking is, if I want TMS for SCHEDULING, do you have to register the TelePresence CONDUCTOR to the VCS Control, and then add the TP Server as a remotely managed resource? Then add both the Conductor and TP Server to the TMS….. [SIP trunk to CUCM where the endpoints are…]



OR, do you add the Conductor to the CUCM, and then add the TP Server to the Conductor,

Then go to TMS and Add both the Conductor and TP Server to the TMS.

(Does this break scheduling?)

… and then the VCS C/E are used purely for firewall traversal and MRA…


New Member

Hi Dana! The nice thing with

Hi Dana!


The nice thing with conductor is you can register conductor to CUCM as Trunk, as CFB and also on VCS. You can define with your call rules and the locations on Conductor if Calls should be routed through CUCM or VCS. IMHO it depends where you registered your endpoints and how you want to do the call routing.

Take a look at the Conductor Guides version XC2.2.


Regards, Paul
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