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TelePresence TX Endpoints and Call Detail Records

TelePresence Community,

I have a customer with many TP endpoints (EX90, MX300, C40/60, CTS500, CTS1300, CTS3000/3200, TX1310, TX9000 and TX9200).  My network management server is pulling call detail records directly for each endpoint with the exception of the TX line of endpoints.

I know that the TX endpoint line is the successor of the CTS endpoint line and I believe is still MIB driven as well.  I know that the CTS endpoint latest code via CCO is v.1.9.7(33).  But I have also noticed on CCO that there is a 6 series, e.g. v6.0.3(33), v6.1.2.1, etc.

My question is, do the TX Series endpoints strictly deploy to the v6.X code and, if so, are the TX endpoints MIB driven, e.g. CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-CALL-MIB. 

I am trying to figure out how to pull call detail from the TX endpoints...

Can someone provide clarification...thanks.

Cisco Employee

Hello David, The TX series

Hello David,


The TX series endpoints can run the CTS 1.9.X software loads as well as the 6.X series. You will find that the 6.X series is the preferred series of code.

Here is link that may help.!pp







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Chris,I will review the link.


I will review the link...thanks.  Will reach out for further clarifications.


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Your attached link did not assist with my inquiry.  Why would CTS endpoint respond to a specific OID, ctpcLocalSIPCallId, for example...and the TX endpoint not responding at all.  I have SNMP access to both types of endpoints.

So there is no other MIB changes or additions for the TX endpoint line?  The latest MIB CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-CALL-MIB, dtd

LAST-UPDATED    "201105160000Z"

is there another MIB later dated than this?

Cisco Employee

Hi David,I just did an

Hi David,

I just did an snmpwalk on my TX9000 in a call with a CTS3000 and they looked fairly similar (including ctpcLocalSIPCallId, . The TX9000 is running 1.9.x right now however, it could be an issue with TX6 code.

Also do you have SNMP enabled on the TX9000? If I recall correctly, CTSs have SNMP v2c enabled by default, TX endpoints have SNMP disabled by default. Can you upload the output of an snmpwalk on a CTS vs. TX?

TAC TelePresence

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Tyler, in the CLI of a TX9200

Tyler, in the CLI of a TX9200...I have attached 'show version' as well as 'utils service list'.  SNMP service is RUNNING state.  I am in the CTS Admin for the TX9200 for the first time...maybe the customer just enabled SNMP...just starting my discovery process with these devices.  Things seem to be OK.

To get you up to speed since I created this post...Call Detail is now being collected...minor code issue.  Not the endpoint issue.

I will reach out if there are any other issues that I see moving forward...thx.

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Tyler,Interesting issue...the


Interesting issue...the SNMP agent is now 'Dead' state on this endpoint...the GUI indicates that no changes have occurred with SNMP.

Is there an instability with the code version and SNMP?

Cisco Employee

It's possible that SNMP_Srvr

It's possible that SNMP_Srvr was killed due to a memory issue. Sometimes it dies if something is wrong with the monitoring tool (ie too many SNMP gets too quickly). How often are you doing SNMP gets? Can you upload a set of logs so we can look at the memory? Specifically the sysm logs would tell us if that's what killed the process.

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