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TelePresence VGA to DVI cable and conduit

We have a new CTS-1300 system with a presentation cable which has a VGA connector on the user side and a DVI connector on the codec side.  Currently the room has a 1 1/2 inch conduit installed under the floor between the conference table and codec.  The VGA to DVI cable that comes with the TelePresence system will not fit through the conduit so I would like to purchase a cable that has no end on it and pull it through the conduit then install the VGA connector.  Tripp Lite makes a cable similar to what we need called the Easy Pull but the cable ends are either both VGA or both DVI.  We might be able to find an adapter for one of the ends but that just adds another point of possible failure.  Has anyone found a company where they sell a cable similar to the Tripp Lite Easy Pull that is factory made with a VGA on one side and DVI on the other? One other thing to consider is the Cisco cable contains "mini" style audio connectors attached to it as well where the audio appears to be directly connected to the DVI connector whereas the VGA audio looks like it is coming out of the cable bundle.

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You should be able to install a Runner cable (Center section) and the have two flying lead on the ends


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Thank you for the information

Thank you for the information.  I no longer work at that company where the installation occurred so I can't test it.  But this information will be useful for future installations if I run into the issue again.

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