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Time issue on SX20/C40 on TC 6.0

I have two codecs SX20 and C40. Both are not showing correct time on the display clock even after selecting the correct time zone. Is there any bug in the TC 6.0 firmware ?

Even I tried by changing the local NTP but no luck. Does any one encountered this type of issue? Please advice...

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Are the codecs using DHCP or

Are the codecs using DHCP or static IP addresses?  If static, have you configured the codec with DNS servers?

It would be handy to know if

It would be handy to know if its the clock on the touch pad or the system itself you are complaining about (and with that, if you use the cisco touch or not).

Also how the system is deployed, with cucm or an other deployment method.


Also how the time itself fails, does it just show the wrong time zone but minutes and seconds

are ok, or how and how much is it off.



If you look in the TC release notes or look at the bug search toolkit there you will find

some info that there were some time issues resolved.


Is there a specific reason why you run TC6.0?


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