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TMS 13.0 Redundancy additional information

Im planning on setting up TMS redundancy using the "Multiple TMS servers, NLB, and SQL cluster" Model from below

Im seeking additional information on VCS replication, provisioning, and TMSAE.

Our current TMS setup is as follow:
     TMS ver 13.1.2 is running on a single server connecting to a SQL Cluster DB. 

     We are using provisioning for MOVI users locally to TMS and sync to AD.

     Single VCS Controller with a Peer VCS controller and an VCS-Expressway.

     TMSAE installed

My Questions:


1.  How do I set multiple TMS servers to single VCS controller?  Is there a .doc for this?
2.  How would new MOVI users be created locally to TMS?  Would I have to create on both TMS servers?

3.  TMSAE -  Anything on this is apprecaited.

Thank you!   

Community Member

TMS 13.0 Redundancy additional information


These are excellent questions.

Answer to question #1:

In the redundant configuration that you are planning both TMS servers will be connected to the same SQL cluster or tmsng database.  So all of the data in the tmsng database will be shared between the two TMS server.  Each of the TMS services will be running on both servers and the database will determine which of the TMS servers to execute backround processes on/from.  So the single VCS will be accessible to both TMS server.  There currently is no complete documentation on this but it is in the works.   If you would like we can set up a time to discuss the entire process.

Answer to question #2

This process is very important.  The installation of the Provisioning Database(OpenDS) is part of the TMS installation. So when you deploy your second TMS server an instance of OpenDS will be installed that will be blank.  There is a process where you will synchronize/replicate the Provisioning Database between the two TMS servers.  The way this is done is very important as if it is done incorrectly your Provisioning data could be erased.  Again, this process is something that there currently is no documentation but I have deployed this configuration and am willing to provide assistance to you.

Answer to Question #3

From a redundant TMS configuration there is no specific documentation.  But you can follow the installation instructions for the TAE for deployment even for a redundant configuration as the TMS database will contain all of the necessary information and that will be shared by both TMS servers.

If you need more granular information please open a technical support case and we will get you the assistance that you need. 



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