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TMS 13.2.1 Database error

First, customer cant go to TMSPE for a bunch of reasons, at least not in the short term.

Going to System > Provisioning > Directory

  Getting Error connecting ro the local LDAP server   the specific base DN cannot be found, please enter a valid base DN

I have gone through some of the procedures in the TMS Agent Troubleshooting guide from April 2012 including taking the TMS Agent database from the VCS and restoring it to the TMS server.  All of the TMS agent diagnostics run clean

Right now there is no replication running.

I run the Reuild the Indexes for the local TMA Agent database and that runs.

But in looking at the control panel, I see in the bottom where the Data Sources are displayed it has

Base DN being dc=provisioning

Backend ID being userRoot

Entries is showing Not Available

I think that this is the problem. 

Can this be "easily" fixed or is this a rebuild of the server process with adding back in all of the endpoints and Movi users?


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Re: TMS 13.2.1 Database error

My first recommendation would be to restore TMSAgent data from a known good backup.

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