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TMS 14.2.2 unable to remove old tms

Have a older TMS 13.2.2 on a 2008 SP2 server that I am trying to upgrade to 14.2.2

Get all the way through to where it is starting to "Remove" old TMS and it fails with The installer could not remove the old TMS version.  the installation will terminate.

What is the problem?

I am logged onto the server as Administrator so I should have full rights but I did see that the TMS folder was marked as Read Only.  Not sure if this would be a problem.


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Hello Richard -What happens

Hello Richard -

What happens when you run the TMS installer as admin (right-click: run as administrator).  I've had to do this on our TMS installs/upgrades, even though I'm an admin on the server.  I'm not in front of my office computer, but I'll check my TMS folder properties, can you tell me specifically the folder you're talking about?

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Hi!I had the same problem


I had the same problem upgrading to 14.5.0. Even if I choose "run as administrator" it cannot remove the old version and the wizard terminated. I found that the anti-virus software caused problems (Symantec). I disabeled it and everything worked like a charm :-)

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