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TMS 14.3.2 not downloading release keys for VCS x8.x

Hi All,

I know that the management of the VCS has been removed from TMS 14.4 (which we have found very frustrating as highlighting in this thread, and is why we had to downgrade to 14.2 and then up to 14.3.2), but we are finding that TMS has not downloaded release keys and does not understand that the new x8.x software for the VCSs can be applied to machines with valid service contracts. The vast majority of VCS still only show x7.2.2 as the latest software (even though x7.2.3 is in the repository) and only the x7 release keys are available.

We have x8.2 in the software repository on TMS and there are two test VCSs which TMS does understand are allowed to use the x8 code and as such it has download the relevant release keys, however, it does suggest that the latest software is x8.1.0, which I have now deleted from the software repository.

I have purged VCS systems and re-added them, but all to no avail. 

Has anyone got any other ideas as to what might be going on?




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Interestingly, I just tried

Interestingly, I just tried to run a "Check for Updates" on a single VCS, yet I got a response from TMS saying that "The system is unknown to the update service". However, I have just checked another (and in fact All systems), and I got the response "Update check for successful". Of course, nothing has actually changed in TMS.

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Hi Chris,By chance, are the

Hi Chris,

By chance, are the VCSes that are failing Virtual ones?

When I do a "Check for Updates (All Systems)", I get an "Update check error for system <VCS>" for all of my Virtual ones (we're currently running TMS 14.3.2) and they report a Service Contract Status of "Unknown".

The "Update Check" runs for all the others, but I don't see it reporting the new version Release Keys, or even the fact that there is an updated software version available for any of them (most are on X7.2.3).

So it looks like you're not just having issues because of your TMS upgrade/downgrade issues, but it's something that's possibly a more widespread issue (or a change to the Upgrade Service/Server).

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Hey Wayne,None of our VCSs

Hey Wayne,

None of our VCSs are virtual at this point in time. The one that I reported as failing on the update check also happen to have a fan failure so is being swapped out tomorrow.

Thanks for confirmation regarding the upgrade status of your VCS. BTW, do ANY of your VCSs report as having version x8.x available, or are they ALL showing only x7.x as the latest software? The fact that two of our device kind of show that x8 is available (albeit only x8.1.0) and have downloaded the release keys for those devices make me think that (as you say) it isn't out TMS, but rather something on the Cisco Update Service backend.

Cisco responses have been a bit light on the forums as of recent, so I don't expect a direct answer, although it would be nice.....







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Hi Chris,i have a couple that

Hi Chris,

i have a couple that are showing an X8.1 key, but I believe they started showing that a long while ago.  Interesting though, that they're all running X7.2.3, but don't say there is a later version available (even though I have X8.2 available in the software folder).

My bet's on a problem with the Update server.


Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Agreed. The two we have show

Agreed. The two we have show also showed x8.1.0 a long time ago.


Does anyone from Cisco care to comment?

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I find the consistency of the

I find the consistency of the update server hit and miss, in regards to TMS notifying me if there is a new release or even just checking..

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