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Cisco Employee

TMS 14.4, TMSPE 1.2, and TMSXE 4.0 are now available on


I'm happy to announce that TMS 14.4, TMSPE 1.2, and TMSXE 4.0 now are available on


TMS 14.4






The deployment guides and other documentation are in the process of being published to the Product Support section of; I'll post direct links to them as soon as they as available.

As always, please read the documentation carefully before upgrading production environments to the latest software. smiley

Best regards,

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Hi Kjetil,Just a couple of

Hi Kjetil,

Just a couple of questions on the upgrade path and pre-requisites, based on the release notes and Deployment guides (and even the actual Upgrade Guide) as listed above.

  1. Assuming you are using TMSPE with TMS, then am I correct in thinking that the ONLY version of TMSPE that will work with new TMS 14.4 is this new TMSPE 1.2 (and vice versa) - so which should be upgraded first?
  2. In addition, in the Release Notes for TMSPE 1.2 (page 11 and 12) it says that a pre-requisite for this installation is not only VCSs on x8.1, but also TelePresence Conductor version XC2.3, so:
    1. Does this mean that you you have to HAVE to have TelePresence Conductor in order to use TMSPE now? In the TMSPE 1.2 Deployment guide (page 11), it mentions that TelePresence Conductor is a require for "Collaboration Meeting Room", but what it you are not going to use this feature?
    2. In addition, do ALL VCSs that have been added to TMS require that they are updated to x8.1, or is it just the one that require provisioning?




VIP Purple

Chris -I think Conductor is

Chris -

I think Conductor is only required for the TMSPE collaboration meeting rooms, you can choose to not install that feature when you install TMSPE.  Even if you do install that feature, it still has to be configured within TMS to point to Conductor, so as long as you don't configure it, you should still be fine.  Probably best to just simply not install it if you don't have Conductor, as if you do install it, someone might go into TMS and configure the Conductor settings without realizing they can't use that function.

You could deploy a single Conductor VM, it could allow you to use the collaboration meeting rooms, since you can use Conductor with a single conference bridge without a release key.

Hmm, interesting as I didn't

Hmm, interesting as I didn't know about the no licence Conductor option, however, I don't think this will work for us. We have an, er, unusual setup in that whilst we maintain a lot of endpoints and VCS infrastructure across multiple organisations, all the MCUs are actually maintained by a national organisation for the entire education community in the UK (JANET - which stretches even further than our involvement across just Wales). As such I don't have any access to them or their setup.

As such, I haven't really looked much into these products, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we will need access to areas we don't manage.


PS - Oh an in case your wondering how we then do our scheduling the answer is simple - we don't! We use TMS as simple a management tool, the scheduling is taken care of but this separate JANET through a custom built portal.



Cisco Employee

Hi Chris,1) Yes, TMSPE 1.2 is

Hi Chris,

1) Yes, TMSPE 1.2 is the only TMSPE version that will work with TMS 14.4 (see page 66 of the TMS release notes). Upgrade your TMS first, then your TMSPE.


2-1) As Patrick says, the Conductor requirement is only applicable if you want to use the new CMR feature. If you just want to use device provisioning, FindMe, and/or Smart Scheduler, you can do that without a Conductor.

2-2) Negative, the X8.1 requirement only applies to the VCSs that are used for TMSPE provisioning.



Thanks Kjetil. Great response

Thanks Kjetil. Great response.

WRT to the VCS being on x8.1, this is on our roadmap, but due to the required firewall changes, it might take some time. Whilst we don't necessarily use ALL the provisioning features for our monitored VCS, we do poll for Phonebooks. As such, we won't be able to make this upgrade for a while, I think.

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Kjetil -I noticed in the

Kjetil -

  1. I noticed in the release notes that the start/teardown buffers were removed, and replaced with "Allow early join".
    1. We use that to connect our conferences a few minutes early for troubleshooting issues, and to keep them active longer just in case of running over.  Besides going through all conferences in TMS and manually changing the start/end times to put in that extra time due to the buffers being removed.
    2. Could it be possible in the future to change the early join time?  Also, making it possible to automatically connect participants during this early time, instead of just starting the conference and leaving the participants to join themselves?
    3. I know the automatic extension feature could replace teardown buffers, but does a Content Server get factored in when it and one other endpoint is connected in a conference when using this feature, what is to prevent a conference from being recorded longer than it should be (ie: someone just left the room connected, but it's empty etc)?
  2. I didn't see any mention of how TMSPE behaves similar to TMS in a active/passive mode when using in a redudant TMS deployment.  How does TMSPE behave in a redundant deployment if installed on both TMS nodes, it wasn't mentioned in the TMSPE guides?
  3. I compared TMS 14.3 and 14.4 redundancy instructions when configured with a network load balancer.  In 14.3 the gateway of the TMS servers was set to the NLB, however in 14.4 the gateway is not the router, is this correct with the new active/passive behavior of TMS?
  4. Something to note, when I use IE9 for me on my computer the recurrence popup when booking a new conference appears greyed out, similar to how the conference booking page gets greyed out in the background behind it.  Firefox 20.x displays the popup just fine.


Cisco Employee

Hi Patrick,1) "Could it be

Hi Patrick,

1) "Could it be possible in the future to change the early join time?"

You mean making the five minute value configurable? If so, do you want it configurable on a per conference basis, or as a TMS wide setting?

"[...] making it possible to automatically connect participants during this early time [...]"

We have no specific plans to change the feature so that participants automatically connect during the early join phase. If that's important to you or your customers, please go through more official channels to raise a feature request.

"[...] does a Content Server get factored in when it and one other endpoint is connected in a conference when using this feature, what is to prevent a conference from being recorded longer than it should be (ie: someone just left the room connected, but it's empty etc)"

There is no such mechanism or safeguard. If only a Content Server is connected to a bridge, the conference will not be auto-extended, but if a Content Server and an endpoint are connected, we extend as normal. If would be quite hard for TMS to know that a connected room actually is empty and take corrective action. :-)


2) TMSPE is active/active. No special TMSPE configuration should be necessary, apart from probing the user portal.


3) That's correct, the TMS servers are no longer required to use the NLB as their default gateway.


4) I don't think that's a known issue. Which exact IE version are you using, and on which operating system?



VIP Purple

If the early join might be

If the early join might be configurable in some manner, possibly TMS wide, but configurable on a conference basis if one would choose a conference to start earlier or later than the TMS wide setting.  Similar to how the start/teardown buffers were configurable.

Because TMS doesn't auto connect anyone during the early time, we'll have to edit all of our conferences that have been scheduled already for this year to add the extra time at the start.  Shame a feature request had to be opened to try to get something added that was removed.  Why couldn't the auto connect feature of the buffers remain?  We often have conferences with external organizations or people at the offices/homes, to which the call doesn't always get answered right away, leaving us to redial them, hence using the start buffer before a conference is really supposed to start.

Cisco Employee

You are basically asking for

You are basically asking for thew old setup/teardown feature to come back. That is very unlikely to happen, as there were strong engineering reasons for removing them.

It sounds like the new Early Join feature perhaps isn't that suitable for your organization, but I strongly believe that the buffer replacements (i.e. Early Join + Ignore resource availability check on extension) are better for most customers, especially those who are using an external scheduling interface like Microsoft Exchange.


VIP Purple

I can understand why they

I can understand why they were removed, I know Smart Scheduler wasn't compatible with the buffers, etc.  Would be nice if we could get at minimum an option to auto connect users during the early time.

I can make the automatic extension work for the teardown buffer, now that you've allowed the use to limit the number of extensions, choosing an amount that is reasonable to the users.  At least that can prevent an extremely long recording if a Content Server was involved and for some reason the conference was left running with the minimum participants required for it to function.


Also, the specifics about my computer where the recurrence popup was greyed out as was the conference booking page when it was showing, the only way to get out of the popup was to refresh the entire page, as I wasn't able to click on anything.

Windows 7 64-bit
IE9 32-bit

Cisco Employee

I couldn't find a client

I couldn't find a client computer that actually had IE 9, but the problem was easily reproducible using the IETester tool. We'll target a fix for TMS 14.5, and I'll post the bug number as soon as it is replicated to the public Bug Search tool. Thanks for letting me know.


Cisco Employee

I forgot to post the bug

I forgot to post the bug number, but here it is:


Cisco Employee

Hi,We released a TMS 14.4.1


We released a TMS 14.4.1 patch yesterday, where the IE9 bug has been resolved.


VIP Purple

Kjetil -What versions of IE

Kjetil -

What versions of IE are supported with TMS 14.4, I'm running IE11 in compatibility mode (because of other applications in our organization that require it), and I'm getting the bottom status bar that contains the login name/server time/serial number/server information at the top just below the TMS menu bar.  See attached image.

There seems to be some other strange behavior with IE11 running in this mode as well, with the web interface, doesn't seem to like it.  I didn't have any issue running IT outside of compatibility mode.  Such as System Navigator appearing very small/short on the page, shadows from the system menus when expanding over them are showing in different places off to the side of the actual menu.

Cisco Employee

Hi,IE 9 and 10 are supported.


IE 9 and 10 are supported. 11 generally works, but standards mode is recommended.


Would be very nice indeed if

Would be very nice indeed if I could override TMS as far as maximum video calls goes when adding "Room" instead of locking it at "1". sad


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VIP Purple

Thanks, I'll see about

Thanks, I'll see about updating IE on my computer, or use Firefox when needing to schedule recurring conferences in the mean time.

Have a question on the redundancy deployment and the URL probing.  I noticed that when the URL isn't probed or visited that in the diagnostics it shows TMSWeb as offline, will that cause TMS to switch to the passive node?  I'm waiting on one of our system admins to check if we can probe the TMS address provided with the NLB, if not, we have another monitoring application that can do it for us.

Cisco Employee

"[…] when the URL isn't

"[…] when the URL isn't probed or visited that in the diagnostics it shows TMSWeb as offline, will that cause TMS to switch to the passive node? […]"

It won't, at least as long as neither node is being probed. TMS is counting the number of active TMS services + IIS on both nodes, and if one node has more active services than the other, it will be promoted to being active. If no one is probing IIS, and all services are running, it will be 6 vs. 6, and no failover will be initiated.


New Member

Hello Ree As a feature

Hello Ree


As a feature request it would have been a good idea to incorporate load balancer functionality within TMS Server which would save additional administrative task of configuring F5 for probing

The functionality i am referring is similar to Polycom CMA 5000 which has inbuilt NLB with end user/endpoint referring to virtual IP which internally probes for active server 


New Member

Hi All, During TMS 14.4

Hi All,


During TMS 14.4 installation I am getting the error:

Could not Connect to SQL Server:Login failed for user 'sa'

New Member

Please use the login

Please use the login credentials provided by your db team for database "tmsng".The user name should be tmsng

Cisco Employee

@jigneshjani, the user name

@jigneshjani, the user name is normally 'sa'.

@uddinabu1, are you sure you used the correct credentials, and that the database server is set up to accept remote connections?


New Member

Now sa account is working

Now sa account is working.

Looks like 'sa' account was disable.


Thanks for help

New Member

Hello,I have two points for


I have two points for discussion:

1) I have a fresh installation of TMS 14.4 and I receive email notification that "Check for Software Updates" failed even though I disabled it in the Network configuration using "Automatically Check for Updates" set to No. After this I rebooted the TMS server but I receive this email every second day...

2) Do you plan to add support for "new" Polycom endpoints e.g. Group300/500/700?

Thank you.

New Member

Ok,I can find an answer to my


I can find an answer to my second question:

But is there any plan to add the support?

Cisco Employee

Hi David,1) That's not a

Hi David,

1) That's not a known issue, I'll look into it.


2) There are no specific plans to add support for new Polycom endpoints.



New Member

Hi Kjetil,1) CSCuq11686 -

Hi Kjetil,

1) CSCuq11686 - Cisco TMS checks for software updates, even when Network Settings > Automatically Check for Updates is set to "No".


I don't suppose there is a

I don't suppose there is a bug that states that TMS is not actually very good a checking for updates, even if "Network Settings > Automatically Check for Updates" is set to "Yes"!


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