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New Member

TMS 14.x Open LDAP Endpoints

We have two TMS servers that support different sets of endpoints.

We would like to centralize the phonebooks.  My understanding is that we can do this with OpenLDAP.

We have setup OpenLDAP, added the commObject,sipIdentity,h323Identity,h235Identity schemas.

Using DN that works with ldapsearch, TMS gives an invalid DN when try to add a phonebook source.

e.g. dc=test,dc=local - I'm not actually sure what the dn should be for adding endpoints.

The documentation is very sparse regarding this functionality

Any help is welcome help. Thank you

Cisco Employee

TMS 14.x Open LDAP Endpoints

I would suggest a packet capture on the TMS, and then filter for ldap to see what is being send to the ldap server for the bind and search, and what the response is that is being returned. THat might provide some more details as to what the issue is.

- Zac Colton

Cisco Employee

Re: TMS 14.x Open LDAP Endpoints

What PB Source type are you utilizing when trying to set up this connection? I'm assuming H350 since that's what we support. Meaning have u configured an H350 Directory with your OpenLDAP Directory Server?

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New Member

Re: TMS 14.x Open LDAP Endpoints

Here is the OpenLDAP

Here are the schema's in the OpenLDAP that was setup.

collective.schema  core.schema     dyngroup.schema      inetorgperson.schema  nis.schema       ppolicy.schema

commObject.schema  cosine.ldif     h235Identity.schema  java.schema           openldap.ldif    sipIdentity.schema

corba.schema       cosine.schema   h323Identity.schema  misc.schema           openldap.schema

core.ldif          duaconf.schema  inetorgperson.ldif   nis.ldif              pmi.schema

Although not populated with much of anything doing an 

ldapsearch -xWD "cn=Manager,dc=test,dc=lan" -b "dc=test,dc=lan"


# search result

search: 2

result: 0 Success

# numResponses: 68

# numEntries: 67

Cisco Employee

Re: TMS 14.x Open LDAP Endpoints

One more time John. What PB Source type are you selecting in TMS? And is this an H350 schema in you OpenLDAP Directory Server?

Reference these articles:

D.2.4 Configuring an H.350 Directory with OpenLDAP Directory Server
A running OpenLDAP Directory Server on Linux; Knowledge of the following values : The Configuration Directory for the OpenLDAP Directory Server; The ...

One of the quickest ways to check and see if an LDAP server has the H
This suite also provides access to a known good LDAP directory contain sample H.350 attributes. Call servers, endpoints and white pages can access this ...

If you feel your LDAP is set up appropriately with an H.350 schema, then I suggest following Zac's suggestion ;)

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