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TMS billing code question


I know it is possible to import .txt files in the format into TMS.

101, Description for billing code 1.

102, Description for billing code 2.

103, Description for billing code 3

Unfortunately, each time I try to upload the .txt file it fails. As an alternative, I was wondering if it is possible to ammend the .txt file on the TMS server to include new entries?

I have a client that has over 1000 billing codes to add and understandably does not want to enter each one individually.

Any assistance appreciated!


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TMS billing code question

Did you just try the example billing codes or only the "real file".

Not sure if there is a maximum of billing codes.

Did you check if there are any special / wrong characters in the file?

Did you look in the TMS logfiles if there is something mentioned?

Besides that if you do not get a better answer consider escalating it to Cisco TAC.

Please update this threas on hoe the issue got resolved.

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TMS billing code question

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response.

I have only tried the examples on our own TMS as I do not have access to the client's billing codes or their TMS.

All characters were regular alpha-numeric.

After speaking to a colleague (who was on holiday last week), it would appear this question has been raised a couple of years ago.

The outcome was that this could not be done.

If I turn to TAC, I'll be sure to update the post with a definitive answer.



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