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TMS conference invitation email has arrived too late


after all of the integration steps have been done, I have a little probem as follows,

When the rooms were reserved through Exchange, the TP Server brigde booked with routing.

However the invitation mail - coming from TMS- has  arrived just 4 minutes before end time of the meeting.

so it is not  workable.

you have an advice?

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I'd start by looking at the

I'd start by looking at the Exchange Server.  What's the load like?  Are there lots of messages in the queue causing a send delay?  Did someone send a large message around the same time that took a long time to process?  

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hi Wayne,it is just for this

hi Wayne,

it is just for this email. for other users there is no any delayed email.

so there is no any problem in Exchange.

I would look at the headers

I would look at the headers of the email first and then at the logfiles,

so is it generated late, is it send out late, does it take a long time to be transmitted,

is it received late, ...


There are many points where mail delivery delays can happen.


The most common issues could be spam filters, expecially greylisting. Or also caused by non optimal configuration, ...




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