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TMS - customizing the numeric ID


when i scheduling a new meeting with TMS , the TMS use a Numeric ID for each meeting.

For example if i set the TMS for to start from 00 until 80 , named every meeting with a Numeric ID.

If in the MCU1 i set the prefix 205 (for example) , when will create the first meeting the TMS assign the numeric ID 20500.

The second meeting 20501 , third 20502 etc.......

If i created 10 meeting and i used the numeric id sequentially until 20509.

if the first meeting endeed , the TMS , at the next meeting will assign the first numeric ID available, so the next meeting (the tenth) will be named NUmeric ID 20500 meeting.

It is possible to set TMS , so that use all numeric ID available until the end of number (form 00 to 80) without use already the numeric id available used?

I can explain:

i schedule a meeting :

first had 20500

second 20501

third 20502 etc......

NOW, if the meeting 20500 endeed , the next numeric ID used must be the numeric id 20503 and not the 20500.

TMS must use all number until 20580 , and after this , it must re-use the first number.

TMS must use all numeric ID (from 00 to 80) and then restart to assing number form numeric id 00.


IT is possible ?


Thanks for your help







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Hi,I would advise you to post


I would advise you to post this question in TelePresence community to get TMS experts to respond. This community is for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace and Cisco WebEx Meetings Server (on premise) solution. 

I hope this helps.



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Thank you very much

Thank you very much



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Hello FCostalunga -It isn't

Hello FCostalunga -

It isn't possible to do what you're asking, TMS will always use the first available numeric ID at the time you're scheduling a conference, there isn't a way to make it go through the entire sequence of numbers before starting over.  In regards to recurring conferences, TMS will make sure the numeric ID being used is available across all the dates/times the conference is being scheduled.

It's been mentioned a few times by others that it would be nice be able to do this, or have TMS use a randomized numeric ID.  Suggest that if this is something you really would like, contact your Cisco Account Manager to open a feature request.

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