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TMS EX seems to lock conferences at 8 participants

We are trying to leverage TMS Exchange integration to book some of our video conferences.  We built up a few test calls with 10 participants however we recieve a message back from TMS EX:

Due to limited routing resources, automatic routing could not be set up for your conference. Any external dial-in/out participants added to the conference will not be connected.

To ensure that the conference will connect and that routing resources are available, contact your videoconference administrator.

There are not enough resources available to host this conference. Try removing some of the participants.

.. We've checked our TMS view of the MCU and we have 10 available ports, and all are idle.  We've checked out the MCU itself and it's idle as well.  Checked out the conference listing, and there are no other conferences booked at this time.

We then rescheduled the conference for 8 participants and it worked just fine.  We then tried a conference with 9, and it got the same error as above.

We then retried the 8 participant call and it worked again, I was also able to add participant 9 and 10 manualy directly from the MCU admin console.

Anyone have thoughts as to where this could be?  Is TMS reserving 2 ports somewhere?


Cisco Employee

TMS EX seems to lock conferences at 8 participants

Hi Jacob,

I'm willing to bet your MCU is configured with either the following meaning if any of these are enabled, it will lock these ports out from TMS/TMSXE to utilize:

- unicast/multicast

- dual video

- meetme (ports to reserve for conferenceme)



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