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TMS Installation and Configuration Questions

Hi All TP Experts,

I want to install a TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) for testing and I have some installation and configuration questions as below:

1. No one installation package include the database software?, like MeetingPlace?

2. I checked the Installation guide and I have to provide the installation key during the setup. Can I bypass that for the demo period?

3. As the cloud solution, Can I provide a cloud basic TMS to service much more separating customer? Separating Accounting? Separating Booking Scheduling? .... etc.


Edwin,The TMS installer


The TMS installer installs the database (SQL Express) if you dont provide a 3rd part SQL database.

You should be able to bypass that but I am not sure about the demo period.

As far as I know, TMS is not Multitenant but maybe someone else has some ideas.


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Hello Edwin -If you install

Hello Edwin -

  1. If you install TMS and don't specify a custom install and your own SQL instance, using the basic options, it should install SQL on the local server with TMS.  I think SQL 2005, I'm not totally sure, we've always used our own SQL server.
  2. You can run TMS in demo mode, however it will be at limited capacity, I can't remember the numbers right now of how many systems you can manage with it, or other limited features, etc.
  3. I don't fully understand this question, but you could get it up and running and play around with it to see if it suites your needs.
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Hi,As the Q3, actually I want


As the Q3, actually I want to build up a TMS, that will service the different companies and departments. A company  only want to manage their TPs, Phone Book, and Schedule through the TMS and B company only want to manage their TPs, Phone Book, and Schedule through the same of TMS.

Is it possible for me to do that at one TMS?

2) it should be three systems

2) it should be three systems which can be managed without a key + other limitations  (no provisioning, api restricted, ...) you could reach out to your Cisco contact / partner and ask for temporary license keys.


3) You could manage different customers with different phonebooks on your TMS,

but TMS is an enterprise sofware, not a real multi tenant system.


Though there are some companies who use it in that way, but you have limitations

regards separation of views.



Like you do not have groups for phonebooks and editing. You could map that to an external ldap or http server, but thats some programming around it.





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Cisco Employee

Hi,1) In TMS 14.4 and later,


1) In TMS 14.4 and later, SQL Server Express in no longer bundled with the TMS installer. You'll have to download and install it yourself prior to installing TMS.

A free version of SQL Server Express 2012 can be downloaded from

2) Without a TMS release key, you get a trial version with three system licenses, and no API access. This means that you cannot integrate a trial TMS with for example Microsoft Exchange or WebEx.


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