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TMS issuing a timeout error when synch Phonebook source based on Gatekeepers

Hi All,

TMS 14.3.2 (although the issue has been around on different versions)

We have been having a slight issue for ages with TMS where it is issuing email warnings about a failure to update a Phone Book Source based on a Gatekeeper (mainly VCS, but still have a few BC/GK!!), but though it was about time if I could find out what might be the cause of the problem. We find these phone book source incredibly useful as there are multiple endpoints register to the gatekeepers that we don't have in TMS for various reasons.

I set the phone book source to update every 30 mins, and the email alert on failure are useful as they can alert us to a potential VCS failure (ideally, TMS would have a way of of alerting us to a failure, but its tickets don't do what we really want - I have another thread about this one as well :)). However, every so often I receive the following error:


The background event could not complete successfully due to an error.


Phone Book Source update xxxxx Expr   

Start Time:   

23/07/2014 11:47  

Completed Time:   

23/07/2014 11:49  

Failure Reason:   

GET http://localhost:8788/pb/sources/query?external_id=TMS_101 failed:: The operation has timed out  

Then a list of the Event Log with both successful and unsuccessful attempts.


I "think" this is an IIS thing but am not entirely sure. TMS is running as a VM and I though it might be something to do with the vCPU maxing out, yet from the monitors it doesn't appear to be the case.

Whilst this is irritating, its nto the end of the world, but if anyone has any suggestion, I would be willing ot give them a go.




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Hi Chris,Did you ever manage

Hi Chris,

Did you ever manage to solve this issue?


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