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TMS: MCU selection for Movi only conferences ?


For TMS managed systems the IP-Zone is used for selecting automatically a MCU.

But this is not available for Movi users. As a result no specific MCU is used just a random MCU.

Is it possible to add a TMS IP Zone to a Movi user or to a folder in the provisioning directory for

having more control of the selcted MCU?

Is there any other solution for MCU selection for Movi conferences.




TMS: MCU selection for Movi only conferences ?

Why dont you just simply add the MCU which you want to use to the conference.

I tried it some TMS versions ago with the Scheduler which did not work, but with the

non Scheduler booking this works fine, just three clicks more.

Btw, I guess its not a random one, its the one with the most avialable resources.

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TMS: MCU selection for Movi only conferences ?

This is what our Helpdesk Agents do as a workaround.

We let our End Users use the TMS integrated Scheduler. They do not know our network toplogy and it is not needed to select a MCU because TMS handles it quit good - for hardware endpoints.

But why not for Movi's ? TMS knows all of them...

The algorithm for choosing the MCU is unclear for me. Perhaps it is name sort order. But seems to be not very intelligent.

Re: TMS: MCU selection for Movi only conferences ?

Hehe, yes, a college mentioned once "TMS tries to be more clever then we are and often fails on that" :-)

I agree that some things are a bit in transparent.

For movi its not so easy I agree. But if I look at new things like the telepresence conductor. I have seen

enhancements regarding TMS and can picture that there will be also enhancements regarding booking

in the future as mobile clients become more and more important.

What do you think about pre defined virtual meeting rooms on your MCU. This gives an easy way for

your users to utilize the MCU. You could define different prefixed for different regions and there you go.

Besides that its not so easy to define a region, Movi are mobile clients, so how to define where they shall be placed?

A user from the US can be tomorrow in Europe and then in Asia.

In your deployment it might be different, but that's exactly what makes it harder to implement to suit everyone

or at least most deployments.

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Re: TMS: MCU selection for Movi only conferences ?

My understanding is that TMS will use the MCU in the IP Zone with the highest number of endpoints scheduled in the call. If you have no MCU in the specific IP zone it uses the MCU will the most avaialbe resources.

A possible solution is booking permissions. If you create groups of users based on geography and then make the MCU in each region only bookable by users in that region then you have some control ove which MCU is selected based on meeting scheduler.

The benifit is users can schedule there own conferences via scheduler and only involve the helpdesk when insufficent MCU resources are avaialble. Helpdesk users would be in a group with permissions to book all MCU

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Re: TMS: MCU selection for Movi only conferences ?

Thanks for your answers Martin and Garvan,

we use already pre defined conference rooms for some users. It depends on the user behaviour if they like the dial in or prefers the scheduler. Our proposal is the virtual meeting room, but the user can decide what to use.

For a secretary which organizes all meetings for her boss in advance it seems to be better to have a scheduler and all things work automatic instead of assist the boos for dial-in and password entering ;-)

Although some Movi users are on trips most of them are in the same area and can be matched to a specific MCU. This could be a 80/20 solution and much more better than without a mapping.

@Garvan: I will check the booking permissions in TMS again but I remember that we have that already tested without success.

What I have seen from conductor is that it works like the Polycom DMA for virtual meeting rooms. Just a hardware failover and load balancing for virtual dial-In. This would not solve the MCU selection for Movi users.

But I am waitinig for a Easter egg from Cisco ;-)

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Re: TMS: MCU selection for Movi only conferences ?

Hi Renz

There appears to be a level of location awareness for MCU resources in the conductor see thread

I have seen permanenet conference and scheduled TMS conference on the one MCU be problematic when you have a significant number of permanent conference on the MCU. Your scheduled conference will fail to connect alot of the participants.

Ultimately giving the general population one way to do multipoint would be the best model but sometimes not always possible based on previous deployement of VC before Movi came along

I personally like the idea of virtual rooms for desktop multipoint with these rooms being scheduled like any other room in the organisation. The down side is they are dial in only which puts the onus on connecting back on the user

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