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TMS Particpant MCU Error

I've been getting the following errors on two seperate conferences using our MCU, being controled via TMS.

Dial Failed: Description: invalid parameter: maxBitRateToMCU. System: Interface: HTTP Command: 'Dial' Result from system: 'Error, fault code 102'

Disconnect failed:  'methodResponse/params/param/value/struct/member[name='participants']/value/array/data/value/struct[member[name='participantName']/value/string='Children's  Healthcare of Atlant']' has an invalid token.

TMS 14.2.2

MCU 4.4

Any ideas?

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Re: TMS Particpant MCU Error

"invalid parameter: maxBitRateToMCU" sounds like a problem with the conference bandwidth. Which BW value did you schedule?

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Re: TMS Particpant MCU Error

Conference was set to Auto, which is 768, however the participant was added via the phonebook with a bandwidth of 384.

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TMS Particpant MCU Error

And are you able to recreate the issue at will by booking the exact same participants for another conference? If so, grab an unencrypted wireshark trace covering the conference.create and the participant.add API calls to the MCU, and the TAC should be able to figure out what went wrong.


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