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TMS(PE), Conductor and CUCM settings for CMR - missing information

I am trying to test Telepresence Conductor (currently Conductor Essential free license) in version XC2.4.1 with a TS in version 4.0 TMS 14.5 and CUCM 9.1.

I followed the Telepresence Conductor deployment guide to setup the TS under the Conductor, created all the necessary settings to create a location with an IP address for ad-hoc meetings and registered that on our CUCM 9.1 as media ressource group. The ad-hoc meeting part works well.

Now I am trying to test CMR as I installed TMSPE on our TMS. But to my opinion the documentations are missing information to link the two.

The Conductor deployment guide explains how to setup ad-hoc meetings and rendez-vous meeting on the conductor & CUCM. The TMSPE deployment guide explains how to setup the CMR on the TMS and link it to the Conductor and a template but none of the manuals explain how to setup the Conductor and the CUCM specifically for CMR.

My main concern is how the CUCM knows where to route the calls to the SIP address pattern I setup for CMR (i.e. and where should I route it to.

I created a ad-hoc location on the Telepresence server with a "ad-hoc" template attached to an IP address. That IP address is setup as a "Cisco Telepresence MCU " following the deployment guide for CUCM 9.1

Should I route to the same location IP address on the Conductor ? But in CUCM 9.1 I can't create a SIP trunk to that Conductor IP address because it is already registered as a conference bridge. Should I create a new location on the Conductor and if yes what type "meet-me", "ad-hoc" ?


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It looks like I found by

It looks like I found by accident what I was looking for:

although these docs are not very explicit they should be enough for me to figure it out

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I think you would need to

I think you would need to create a sip route pattern and point it to the sip trunk that used CMR IP in conductor (one that is linked to CMR template in conductor).


i am implementing this at the moment and my calls do route to conductor but I get 486 busy here in conductor call history.


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