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TMS - Phone Book Sources


How can I create phone books based on provisioned endpoints that correlate to the Provisioning Directory subgroups?  For example, I have sub-group OfficeA, I'd like to have a phone book source called OfficeA-Provisioned, and be able to have a phone book listed as "OfficeA" that then includes just those  provisioned endpoints in the OfficeA sub-group.

I have TMS 13.1.2 and am able to successfully provision users from LDAP so that I don't need to manually create them.  I can also create sub-groups by way of utilizing search filters (for example sorting by OU: ou=OfficeA or ou=OfficeB might result in sub-groups OfficeA and OfficeB).

I realize that I can try and create a phone book based on LDAP, the challenge there being that it overpopulates the directory with meaningless entries.




TMS - Phone Book Sources

You can most probably do that with TMS 13.2 with TMSPE, as it allows you to create phonebook sources based on groups. Take a look at the documentation for 13.2 and TMSPE.


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Re: TMS - Phone Book Sources

Jens is correct...this is doable in TMSPE but not in Legacy TMS Agent Which means since your running TMS 13.1.2, I assume your running Legacy TMS Agent. Therefore, you'll need to upgrade to TMS 13.2 or later so has to migrate to TMSPE. And I stronly encourage you do that

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