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TMS Phonebook

Is there any way to block an sindle endpoint from showing up in the TMS phonebook. For example I have an endpoint that is for one of the executives and I don't want any others to see that endpoint in thier phonebook. TMS 13.1                 

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TMS Phonebook


Yes this is possible of course with a little manual work. There are several ways of doing it.

You just have to not use the "All systems" phonebook and create several phonebooks type: "TMS Endpoints".

Create a folder in systems navigator where you place the executive endpoint and import this one endpoint from that folder to a source which you again add to a phonebook you create specifically for this endpoint. Now you should have a phonebook dedicated for this endpoint and you can set that phonebook on other endpoints you want to be able to see this in the phonebook. Do the same for the other folders in systems navigator for all the other systems.

It takes a little work but its fully possible. Another alternative is a manual list phonebook but still you have to exclude the "all systems phonebook".

I would show some screenshots as it sounds a little confusing when I explain it but I don't have a TMS available at the moment.


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