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TMS Provisioning Directory in Phonebook

I'm having a problem where the only provisioned users that are showing up in the phonebook are users that have an associated device.  Shouldn't all users that are provisioned show up in the phonebook?  Is there any way to modify this behavior?

For example:

Test User 1 is a provisioned account with a registered movi device.. this user shows up in the phonebook

Test User 2 is a provisioned account without a registered movi device.. this user does not show up in the phonebook.

I have seen instances where users that are logged in to Movi do not show a registered movi device in TMS, therefore, they are online, but do not show up in the directory.

I've run the TMS Agent checks and everything tests ok.  Any suggestions?

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TMS Provisioning Directory in Phonebook

Do the users that not show up have a Movi device associated to them and it's just not registered; or, are you stating that these provisioned users have no device at all?

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TMS Provisioning Directory in Phonebook

All users have Movi installed on their PC and have logged in at least once.  Sometimes a user that is currently logged in to Movi will show the below in TMS.

It seems very random.  I'll have users that haven't logged in in months but they still have an associated device in TMS.  And then I'll have users that last logged in yesterday and do not have an associated device.  Random at best.

Ultimately, I want any user that exist in the provisioning directory to show up in the phonebook

Cisco Employee

TMS Provisioning Directory in Phonebook

Hi Carlos

What TMS version are we talking about here and how many Movi users / Movi licenses do you have?

Also do you know if the users log into movi with other accounts on the same movi clients? I.e I have two movi accounts I use and when I log in with user 1 this gets an accociated device, when I log in with user 2 this user now has the client as the accociated device and user 1 does not have it anymore since user 2 was logged in on the same client. (makes sense?) 

Generally speaking the user needs to log in at least once to get an associated address in the Provisioning Phonebook. If the user does not have a contact method then the user will not show up in the directory.

You can check this in the Provisioning Phonebook, the user might reside regardless in the Provisioning source but ultimately it needs to be located in the Provisioning Phonebook with an address associated to it (you check this by expanding the user in the list) in order to show up in the directory. If it has an address and does not show up in the directory, are you sure replication is working ok?

It might be a good idea to raise a TAC case on this so we can get more details and outline the facts about this behaviour.


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TMS Provisioning Directory in Phonebook

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the reply.  TMS is version 13.1.  VCS is 6.1.  Movi licenses are 500+ and we only have about 30 users provisioned at the moment.

Each user should be using a unique movi client, however, there may be some overlap from time to time.

A user should not lose their associated device unless somebody else uses it, correct?

Replication appears to be working, no errors in the TMS agent diagnostics and a newly provisioned user's account worked fine.  It appears most of the problems are occurring with older accounts that were in place before I began working on this project. I'd like to avoid removing old accounts and recreating them if possible.

I have considered opening a TAC case, just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem before.

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