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TMS Provisioning - Phone Numbers

I'm using TMS with VCS to provision Jabber Video clients.  When they register to the VCS, they register as  Is there a way to also register an office phone number?  For example,  I'd like for the Jabber Video users to be dialable from my CUCM endpoints as well.


Robb Ritchey


Re: TMS Provisioning - Phone Numbers

Hi Robb,

Yes, you can do that!

You have to configure the address pattern on TMS provisioning directory settings. You will find a field called "Device Address apattern", your current configuration is probably somethink like this:


You can try something like this:


If you do that, the users settings must to have the field "Office Phone" configured with the proper number, so your registration URI will be

If you are using LDAP do import users, then you have configure the "Office Phone" field on LDAP directory. If not using LDAP, just configue this field in users settings into TMS provisioning directory.

You can also use another fields to create your address pattern, you can use as well:










With regards dialling to jabber from CUCM devices, you must to integrate VCS with CUCM following Cisco documentation, as wel as you have to configure the route patterns and search rules properly in order to have it working. This doc can help:

I don't know which models of devices you have registered to CUCM, but it would be a good idea to check if they are compatible with Jabber for Telepresence (I guest most of Cisco phones are compatible).


Paulo Souza

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