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TMS - Removed user's "phone book source update(s)" - Residual Email alerts still coming.

Working on a TMS (14.3.1).

  • Previous admin configured certain phone book sources to push every 24 hrs.
  • Admin was removed from TMS users - Windows Server account still remains
  • Email alerts for his failed phone book source push attempts are now forwarded to his replacement.

Question: Can I "scrub" the old Admin's phone book source provisioning tasks so the email notifications stop?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.





I think this is sent to the

I think this is sent to the email address that is specified under Adminitrative Tools ->Configuration -> General Settings -> System Contact E-mail Address. I would try changing it in there.

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Hi George,Thanks for the info

Hi George,

Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, it doesn't apply in this case.  The current config even has no System contact e-mail configured.


The account in my case is a former admin who created 5x Phone Book Provisioning tasks and then who's account was removed.  The tasks are continuing to perform and I am looking for a way to disable them.


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I believe you'll have to

I believe you'll have to delete the old notification - there doesn't seem to be a way to edit them I can find.

From the On-line Help:

Phone Book and Source Activity Status

In Cisco TMS: Phone Books > Phone Book Activity Status and Phone Book Source Activity Status

The Phone Book Activity Status page tracks all events created when Cisco TMS posts a phone books to systems.

The Phone Book Sources Activity Status page tracks all events created when phone books are synchronized with phone book sources.

Ongoing and upcoming scheduled events are displayed automatically.

  • Search for past events by modifying the Start Date and End Date fields, then click Search.
  • Check Show only mine to display only events scheduled by the currently logged in user.

    To apply this to the list below, click Refresh.

  • Click the linked description of any event to see a detailed activity log.
  • To cancel a scheduled event, select it and click Delete.
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Hi Wayne,Thanks for the help

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the help but unfortunately I get this message when I attempt to delete the tasks from that area:

"You selected some items that were non-deletable."


This appears to be residual from the TMS user who created that task and who's account was removed.  Strange that TMS software wouldn't also clear out user's tasks with account removal...or at least allow another administrator to delete the stagnant phone book source push/task...


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