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TMS Scheduler: Phonebook search possible?


we have added Active Directory "Search only" phonebooks to TMS with several thousends entries.

This phonebook is visible without entries on TMS scheduler  - which makes sense with this large number of entries.

But how can a TMS scheduler user search in this phonebook? There is no search feature available...

Do you have an idea or workaround for this?


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Cisco Employee

TMS Scheduler: Phonebook search possible?

Hi What TMS version are you running?

As for now this is not possible. It might be implemented in a future release so I recommend that you file a feature request on a search feature.

Specifically how many thousand entries are we talking about and you are not seeing any entries at all? Is this a problem only in the Scheduler GUI or do you have the same problem in the Manage phonebooks aswell? Generally it should not be any limitation on the amount of phonebook entries, but would be interessting to know more specifically how many we are talking about?

/Magnus Ohm

New Member

TMS Scheduler: Phonebook search possible?

Hello Magnus,

I have tested it with TMS 13.1.2.

We habe ~110.000 Users in AD.

In the TMS "FAT GUI" there is a Search feature implemented - no problem here but for the scheduler it is not.

For "Search Only" phonebooks you see just the phonebook name as a subfolder below "Phonebooks". No entries.

If it is a "Import to TMS" Phonebook the scheduler try to load the complete phonebook in the HTML source of the page. But with 100k+ entries it runs into browser timeouts. TMS is not usable for minutes...

How can I file a feature request?


TMS Scheduler: Phonebook search possible?

Do you know if there is a guide for TMS Scheduler or how can I setup this function?


Cisco Employee

TMS Scheduler: Phonebook search possible?

Hi Alejandro

Unfortunately no. There is currently a bug open for this, however there is no new information about any fix yet.


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