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TMS server and WinSXS - HD space issues

I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with disk space on their TMS servers?  I'm running TMS 14.4.2 on a virtual server, and my hard drive is filling up with various files.  I have gone in an deleted some old software versions from the TMS folder, but the big culprit is my Windows directory!  It is currently at 25GB and growing - inetpub and winsxs are the problem folders.  

Various windows forums say that there isn't anything you can do about the files in winsxs, and Cisco TAC advised me to carefully remove some files from the inetpub folder (subfolder Logs).  Am I the only one having these issues?

The TMS installation guide states that only 4GB of disk space is required for the application footprint, but doesn't say what the recommended harddrive size is.  Let me clarify this, however - I'm using an external SQL database - NOT local.  

My TMS server has been acting odd lately, and I have had to restart some services from time to time, or do a full reboot.  I'm quite certain that my VM server is running as per Cisco's recommendations: 

Cisco TMS can be installed in a virtualized server environment as long as the virtual machine is allocated 
sufficient dedicated resources to meet the server and hardware requirements for installation. The resources
allocated to the Cisco TMS server instance must be dedicated, and not shared with other server instances.

My OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Service Pack 1., 7GB RAM, Intel Xeon CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60 GHz 2.60 GHz, 64 bit.


If you have any feedback or suggestions, I'd appreciate it.



Would be interesting to know

Would be interesting to know which HD size you provisioned and how much free space you have left now. I always recommend around or more than 100GB for the C: drive then you most like have no stress.

Storage is cheap, trouble you have now is stressful.


Many strange symptoms of TMS can be fixed by deinstalling and reinstalling TMS (and TMSPE if used) connecting the same DBs afterwards

As you use an external database, what you could do is to stop the old TMS, install a new windows server and TMS and then reconnect to the same database. If you do not trust you windows nor the TMS install.

(also possibe, deinstall tms on the old one, resize the partition, reinstall TMS).


This guide is a bit older but might help you here as well:



Sure, strangeness of TMS could also be an issue with the DB, OS, something in your network, ...

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