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TMS to work with Full Screen layout recording on the CTCS

Need your assistance here regarding TCS recording in relation with TMS

One of our current scenario in recording a lecture is where the Codian Bridge dials out to the parties all thru the use of the Codian Bridge Endpoint directory.  One of the EP is the TCS configured to have Family: Full Screen and the other parties configured with the 5+1 screen layout.  So the recorded TCS session only sees the full screen and the active sites sees 5+1 layout.

Now when using TMS to schedule the same call scenario, on the TCS there is no where to define the “Default View Family” options for me to pre-select the “One Participant – Full Screen” Layout

On the TMS when I created a new schedule conference, there is an option in the MCU settings to change the layout but that would affect the whole conference,  I know I can change the layout after the conference starts (by going into the TCS and change the layout then) but that would need user intervention (at times our techs don’t have that luxury of time)

What we need is the have everything pre-configured and scheduled thru TMS (Codian Bridge EP configuration allows us to do this and make it work)

Thoughts and comments please


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