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TMS TX9000 & TPS issue


we have a customer with three TX9000's (6.0.5), TMS(13.2) & 8710 (3.0). The 8710 has full 12 screen licenses and meetings can be booked and placed between two TX's no problem.

the TX's are running at Highest detail, best motion: 1080p - 30fps displays and 30fps content

the 8710 is set to FULLHD

When we try to book a meeting with three TX's we get an error that the 8710 has not enough bandwidth available, please remove and endpoint from the meeting.

all three systems are capable of dialling into a created meeting with 0 packet loss at 1080p but the three systems cannot be scheduled with the above error.

under the system settings in the TMS the 8710 has a maximum bandwidth value of 49792 and each TX has a maximum bandwidth value of 16256

so the three tx's should create a requirement for a maximum bandwidth call of 48768. Going by these figures the TMS shouldn't see bandwidth as an issue.

can anyone recommend a solution or reason why this would be happening?


Cisco Employee

TMS TX9000 & TPS issue


TMS is unable to set the bandwidth on TX systems on a call by call basis, and thus always assumes worst case bandwidth usage when calculating whether a bridge has enough bandwidth available. I *think* TMS assumes 4000kbps per codec for video, 4000kbps for collaboration features, and a little bit (64kbps?) for audio. If my memory serves me right, 49792kbps on the TelePresence Server should then be enough to host three TX9000s as TMS sees it, but I might be overlooking something (as it's been a while since I last had to troubleshoot TX bandwidth calculation issues).

I'll ask some of my colleagues tomorrow and try to get some accurate numbers for you. I'll look into getting TMS's assumptions about TX and CTS bandwidth usage into the official TMS documentation as well.



Cisco Employee

TMS TX9000 & TPS issue

I was slightly mistaken last night, TMS actually reads the "Quality (per Display)" value defined for the system on the CUCM when calculating bandwidth usage.

You use "Highest detail, best motion". TMS then assumes 4000 kbps per codec, 64kbps per microphone, 500 kbps for the "Auto Collaborate" feature, and 3500 kpbs for the "Auto Collaborate Upgrade" feature. (I'll have to admit that I don't know what the last two features actually are, I'm just looking at TMS's numbers here).

A TX9000 has three codecs and three microphones. TMS then calculates that each TX9000 needs

(4000kbps x 3) + 3500kbps + 500kbps + (64kbps x 3) = 16162 kbps of bandwidth. But as 3 x 16162 kbps is less than the TelePresence Server's bandwidth of 49792 kbps, you should still be good.

I think you have to open a TAC case on this one and if possible provide a database copy; we can then do debugging from there.


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