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TMS Upgrade 13.2-->13.2.1 PE

Hi all,

i must upgrade TMS 13.2-->13.2.1 with PE . Are we need a special procedure like the legacy TMS Agent disabling? The cause of the TMS 13.2 upgrade to 13.2.1  is a bug , wht we need to fix.

My Question is, could i upgrade without a special procedur`? I didnt found a upgrade procedure to 13.2.1 with PE


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TMS Upgrade 13.2-->13.2.1 PE

Hello Rasim,

I did it 2 weeks ago with no problem.

We are using Tms with PE.

Also u can check out relase and resolved issues notes at below links.




TMS Upgrade 13.2-->13.2.1 PE

Hi Rasim,

Please find the steps to perform upgrade of your TMS server from 13.2 installed with TMSagent to 13.2.1 with PE.

I have consolidated all the document links below for your quick reference. Prior performing upgrade, go through the below documents.

TMS 13.2.1 release notes -


Step is recommended to disable TMS Agent replication under TMS > Navigator > VCS control > TMS Agent.

Step 2. Stop all TMS, IIS in windows services and perform SQL database (TMSNG folder ) backup.

Step 3. Perform TMS Agent backup from old TMS 13.2. Opends back up can be performed through built-in tool in TMS.

Location >> TMS >>Administrative Tools >> Configuration >> TMS Agent setting >> Do Backup.

Step 4. Run the TMS 13.2.1 installer and provide necesasry SQL authentication during upgrade process.

Step 5. Re enable TMS Agent replication under TMS > Navigator > VCS control > TMS Agent and ensure TMSagent replication is ok.

Step 6. Run TMSPE 1.0 and provide necessary TMS and SQL authetication and perform migration and configure the rest settings.


Mahesh Adithiyha

Cisco Employee

TMS Upgrade 13.2-->13.2.1 PE

Hi Mahesh,

To perform the Legacy TMS Agent backup, you'll need to have all the TMS Services running, in particular the TMSAgent and OpenDS services, i.e. note that the opends service is dependent on the TMSAgent service...meaning you only need to start the TMSAgent service and the opends service will/should start. Also note that although opends service may show 'started', it may take a couple minutes for the TMS Agent application and opends to start up appropriately. Therefore, I would swap step 2 and 3. In addition, and although it's probably smart to stop the TMS services before doing the SQL (tmsng) backup, it's not really necessary to stop the IIS.

As far as step 4, complete install and upgrade for the TMS sw can be found in the Install and Getting Started doc:

As far as step 5 and 6, if he's migrating to TMSPE from Legacy TMS Agent, then I wouldn't re-enable Legacy TMS Agent replication. See the TMSPE deployment doc for a step by step install procedure for either a 'clean' installation of TMSPE or if 'migrating' from Legacy TMS Agent. In his case, the later

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