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TMSXE with Content Server (TCS)

I have new install TelePresence Content Server.

Existing system have TMS, TMSXE and it's working fine. I can booking endpoint, MCU via microsoft outlook.

I can manually calling to recording server and it can record normally.

Currently I would like to add TCS to TMSXE same as all endpoints which it will mapping with mailbox on Microsoft Exchange but it display error as picture.

I'm not sure what is the solution for TMSXE with Recording server (TCS).



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Hi,Have you created a mailbox


Have you created a mailbox on the exchange for the TCS? You need to create mailboxes which correspond to the recording aliases  created on the TCS server. Your tmsxe service account needs to have full access over these mailboxes as well. 

How is your TCS configured? In gatekeeper or terminal mode?


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I already create mailboxes

I already create mailboxes and full access permission for TCS same as other endpoints.

TMSxe it can save if without TCS. But email of TCS not match with recording aliases, I'm not sure it have effect or not ?


TCS is running in terminal mode.


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TCS has 2 different types of

TCS has 2 different types of aliases.

- One is the device registration alias, it could be SIP or H.323 or both. You use these aliases to register your TCS server to VCS.

- Again, you need to have both SIP as well as H.323 recording aliases, which you need to register on VCS as well. These recording aliases are the aliases you call into to record your conference.

For example You want the TCS to be registered as TCS_SIP@domain and TCS_H323@domain on the VCS, then go to site settings and provide these aliases in H.323 and SIP settings. However, when you create recording aliases, they get registered on the VCS as well.

Now, when you add the endpoints to the TMSXE to make them bookable from the outlook/exchange, you bind the system id of the endpoints to their respective mailboxes created on the exchange. However, in your case I guess there wont be any system id (for the recording aliases) to be attached with the mailboxes. That could be the reason you are unable to add the TCS to the TMSXE. 

Can you try to add a TCS recording alias (try with H.323 only as TMS has some limitation with TCS SIP aliases) as a room on the TMS? That would generate a system id for the room. Now you can try to assign a mailbox for that room and see if that works?

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Dear deeswain Sorry, I don't

Dear deeswain


Sorry, I don't understand you mean "add a TCS recording alias as a room on the TMS"


My aliases recording are 400088800 or which it's working fine.

TCS registered with VCS by terminal mode. I can directly call to aliases recording (400088800) and I can booking with recording via TMS webpage by manual choose alias which configured auto-dialed to aliases of TCS.


For TMSxe, I would like to control only some booking with recording. I don't want them all to be record. I think so if TCS can added to TMSxe, Client or Users will can be control some meeting to be record or not.


I try to change name mailbox same as aliases of TCS but it still same error after TMSxe saved.




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Can you please pass on the

Can you please pass on the TMSXE logs to me which was generated when you tried to add the TCS? The default location of logs are C:\ProgramData\Cisco\TMSXE\Logs.

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Please see the attached files

Please see the attached files.

Time is 2014-10-23 09:42:xx. Thanks.

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Hi,we do have the same


we do have the same problem with connecting TCS and TMS via TMSXE.

We tried with h323 and without, SIP alias, SIP device alias, .... no success.

If there is no h323 address the TCS can't even be booked in TMS directly. As soon as the TCS has a h323 registration (Gateway in our case) you can book it in TMS. But TMSXE is still not working.

To make sure it's not an Exchange issue we tried to connect a SX20 to the Exchange resource and it worked fine. As soon as you try to connect the TCS to the Exchange calendar and hit on save the error appears.

In the TMSXEConfig-log.txt the following lines appear:


2014-11-04 17:33:42,789 [16] DEBUG TMSCriticalSection - Start:GetDefaultConference for  
2014-11-04 17:33:42,789 [16] DEBUG LoggedCallSection - Start:GetDefaultConference
2014-11-04 17:33:42,794 [16] DEBUG LoggedCallSection - Finished:GetDefaultConference (elapsed 00:00:00.0045424)
2014-11-04 17:33:42,794 [16] DEBUG CallPerfMon - Time in TMS:00:00:00.0050000 %=0.00160771457826036
2014-11-04 17:33:42,794 [16] DEBUG TMSCriticalSection - Finished:GetDefaultConference for  (elapsed 00:00:00.0050000)
2014-11-04 17:33:42,794 [16] DEBUG BookingAndLicenseCheck - Attempting test booking back in time.
2014-11-04 17:33:42,795 [16] DEBUG TMSBookingAPI - ############ Saving conference with XML data:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Conference xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
  <Title />
  <StartTimeUTC>2013-11-04 16:33:42Z</StartTimeUTC>
  <EndTimeUTC>2014-11-02 16:33:42Z</EndTimeUTC>
  <RecurrenceInstanceIdUTC />
  <RecurrenceInstanceType />
  <OwnerFirstName />
  <OwnerLastName />
  <OwnerEmailAddress />
  <ConferenceType>Reservation Only</ConferenceType>
  <PictureMode>Enhanced CP</PictureMode>
  <Encrypted>If Possible</Encrypted>
  <BillingCode />
  <UserMessageText />
      <ValidFrom xsi:nil="true" />
      <DisplayName>Coordinated Universal Time</DisplayName>
2014-11-04 17:33:42,795 [16] DEBUG TMSCriticalSection - Start:SaveConference for -1 TMSXEConfigCheck
2014-11-04 17:33:42,795 [16] DEBUG LoggedCallSection - Start:SaveConference
2014-11-04 17:33:42,814 [16] DEBUG LoggedCallSection - Finished:SaveConference (elapsed 00:00:00.0193593)
2014-11-04 17:33:42,814 [16] DEBUG CallPerfMon - Time in TMS:00:00:00.0190000 %=0.00685132675927863
2014-11-04 17:33:42,814 [16] DEBUG TMSCriticalSection - Finished:SaveConference for -1 TMSXEConfigCheck (elapsed 00:00:00.0190000)
2014-11-04 17:33:42,814 [16] DEBUG BookingExceptionFactory - Error:There are not enough resources available to host this conference. Try removing some of the participants. (-2147218250)


For any additional information / log / trial ... just let me know.


Thanks in advance



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I can booking with recording

I can booking with recording via TMS webpage by manual choose alias which configured auto-dialed to aliases of TCS.

I cannot add TCS mailbox to TMSxe, it display error about "not enough resources" but other devices (endpoints) can add to TMSxe normally.

TCS registered with VCS both protocol but it display error something about H.323 on TMS. I'm not sure it affected to this issue or not.


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Hi,TMS does not recognize the


TMS does not recognize the SIP aliases created on the TCS. It only understands the H.323 aliases. This issue is there with TMS for a long time. It has been raised with Cisco numerous times in the past and still it is not addressed. Hopefully they will address this is the future. Till that time comes, you have to use H.323 aliases to use TCS with TMS. 

I can see the error you are getting with TMSXE for TCS aliases. Can you try to add a TCS H.323 alias as a meeting room in the TMS and then add it to the TMSXE and let me know if that works?


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From attached file, You mean

From attached file, You mean I should create alias of TCS mailbox is "4000888" which before I try to created "400088800" but it's not working or not ?


I already registered TCS with both protocol but I'm not sure why TMS still notification about H323.


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