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Touch-10 Custom Dial Buttons and Events: How to Do it


I have been creating custom buttons for my Cisco touch-10, but am unable to assign any actions to them.  

I am currently trying to create a single, quick-call button that dials a particular web service.  

My guess is that I need to create an event pressed event that fires off an "xCommand Dial" command - but I keep going in circles.  I've referenced the API guide, as well as the touch-10 documentation and quick starts to no avail.

Any assistance would be appreciated. 

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In-Room Controls require a

In-Room Controls require a third-party control system, such as AMX or Crestron, it's this control system that will control the codec via it's API to dial the address.  It's not possible to use the In-Room Controls and control the codec directly, it doesn't work that way.

In-Room Control on Touch 10

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That makes sense for

That makes sense for environmental controls, etc. certainly.  What I'm trying to do is just create a button that does what the touch-10 does for the codec already - e.g. basically dials a bookmark that I create in a new menu in a different place on the screen.  For example - I can enter 

xCommand Dial Number: ip@ Protocol:Sip

Directly into the codec to dial the ZOOM service.  I can also make a custom button on the touch-10 screen that lives on the codec.  I can see it in the config XML.  What I want to do is tie that together so my button dials Zoom directly.

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My earlier response was

My earlier response was around In-Room Controls, which is what I thought you were trying to utilize as I saw you ask the same question in another thread related to that.

You can accomplish what you're attempting by using Facility Service, take a look at the document Facility Service Configuration on C20 TelePresence System for an overview, it will add a question mark "?" icon on the touch panel where you can select the service you've configured to make either an audio or video call to the predefined address, refer to your endpoint's admin guide for more information. Note, only FacilityService 1 is shown on the touch screen.

If Facility Service doesn't fit your needs, than the only other option is to rely on the phone book directory, which is the ideal and recommended method, or utilize In-Room Controls if you have a third-party control system in use. 

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I have been looking for the

I have been looking for the same option, where i could program a button on the touch10 to call out to a particular URI.

You can create favorites for

You can create favorites for any URI's you want (found under the Contacts button), but you can't create individual buttons to act as speed dials which it sounds like is what you're asking for. See Patrick's answer - the Facility Service ? button gives you one option, but if you want anything else favorites is probably your best route. 

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Re: Touch-10 Custom Dial Buttons and Events: How to Do it

I have been working through this myself. You may want to look into macros. Link below

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