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TX9000 call to T3


We have:

- TX9000 registred to CUCM 9.1.2.  (SIP)

- T3 registred to VCS control (H323)

A SIP trunk exist between the CUCM and the VCS control.

When point to point call is launched between TX9000 and T3 (no matter who initiated the call ).  We see only 1 screen during the call and quality is bad.  Is this due to TIP?  Do you know if with newer C90 sw TIP is supported?  Thanks.




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What is the region setting on

What is the region setting on the SIP trunk in CUCM? By default its 384 kbps, this will need to be updated to match your requirements/network.

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Hello George,Te SIP trunk

Hello George,

Te SIP trunk Region is set to 32M.  Point to point call with one screen are showing up to 5M (Requested/Allocated on the VCSC).

Do you know or anyone if video calls T3 to/from TX9000 calls are possible point to point with 3 screens? Or it is a MUST to go via a TP Server?

Cisco Employee

Hi Ahmed,This happens because

Hi Ahmed,

This happens because of interworking on the call - SIP to H.323, TIP is lost in interworking and the TX9000 will default to 1 screen in the event there is no TIP negotiation.

A Telepresence server would be required for three screens - as there would be no interworking between TPS and TX9000 during call set up and TIP negotiation would be preserved.


- Jonathan

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We have a similar setup and

We have a similar setup and after disappointing discussion with our partner & Cisco it is only possible to have 3-screen to 3-screen via TP server blade (joining Virtual room or adding TS to TMS scheduled calls). This is due to incompatibility b/w T3 and TIP. Cisco has said they no longer have plans to develop code for T3 given it is EoL.

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