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Unable to call into TelePresence Server 310

Hi all,

I have the following setup:

CUCM 9.1.1 - SIP trunk to VCS Control,

VCS Control has a CUCM Neighbour zone, and a Conductor Neighbour zone.

I have a TelePresence Conductor 2.2 with a managed TelePresence Server 310.

Conductor is managed by TMS 14.3.2 and also can see the TP Server.


When I book a conference on TMS I see the conference created on the TP Server as

I can call into 5991 from a Cisco 9951 on CUCM.

I see the call hit the VCS Control and be transformed to

I see the call hit the Search rule for the Conductor Zone.


Conductor sees the call but rejects the call with the error "404 Not Found".

"B2BUA generated 404 Not Found due to a TLS failure on the Egress".


Does anyone have any ideas? I am not using TLS anywhere in the SIP Trunk on CUCM, Neighbour zones on VCS, or the Location on Conductor.


Also as another note, I can dial in for a rendezvous conference and see it create on the TP Server but again, I receive the same 404 Not Found error, complaining of TLS failure.

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 Hi dana.tong,  Have you


Hi dana.tong, 


Have you resolve this problem? can you share with us ? 


Thank you 




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Hi there,

Hi there, The resolution was to set the static NAT address into the VCE Expressway. It is described in the deployment guide for a setup where you have a private IP on the Expressway.
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