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Unsupported Browser Error in VCS-E Web Interface


Recently upgrading VCS Expressway to version 7.2.2 in a secure environment caused a strange error.

When accessing the web interface of the Expressway via IP address (i.e., no error is given except the invalid certificate error (the certificate specifies the FQDN of the device only, so this is expected). Access to admin log in continues unhindered.

However, if accessing the web interface of the Expressway via FQDN (i.e. attempting to access the admin login results in an error message that the browser is not supported (no certificate error).

The browser used is a corporate modified version of IE Version 8, which is supported by VCS. I would put the issue down to the fact that the version of IE is modified for internal use, but this error is only present when using DNS addressing.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what caused this? It is not a critical error as access is still available via IP address, but curious nonetheless!



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Re: Unsupported Browser Error in VCS-E Web Interface

Hi Steve, welcome to Cisco Support Community!

It is really a curious matter, because your browser is really supported:

VCS supported browser.png

As you have a custom IE 8 version, it is really hard to point any problem related to your browser, even because you are saying it works fine when using IP address to access.

But I think that Proxy and content filter may have influence in this kind of issue. Do you have any proxy or content filter between PC and VCSe? If yes, are you able to test bypassing any thing between PC and VCSe?

I didn't find any known limitation of VCS related to this issue, so I cannot say it is a problem with VCS itself.


Paulo Souza

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