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Users disconnecting systems on multiway call

Hi All

Is there a way for users on a multiway call to disconnect a far end system connected to a MCU call without having to contact an administrator? We've experienced a few occasions where video calls have been scheduled through TMS for a number of systems and no one has turned up in a particular room. In this instance, is there a way for users in one of the rooms to disconnect the system that is not going to be used? At the moment, the users are having to contact an administrator who can disconnect the empty room's video unit. it would be fantastic if there was an easy way for the users to do this themselves.

The units are either Profile or MX series units software version TC6.2

VCS software version X7.2

MCU 4505 software version 4.4




Users disconnecting systems on multiway call

So if I read it right that you refer to MCU/TPS booked meetings via TMS?

Multiway itself is used as the functionality from Cisco to add participants on the fly to a multiparty

conference, so using that word for the booked conferences might cause confusion.

By today I do not see a way for the users to disconnect these ghost rooms without having access

to either the "ghost" system or the TMS / MCU or calling one who has.

But you never know what the future brings, you are not the only one with such issues.

Regards access to the MCU, you can also activate a MCU menu which you can reach by pressing *

there you can get a list of users and also disconnect people.

But this would require to have this feature enabled in general and all participants could do so, so

this might be a security issue (also as other options like dial out are possible).

You can also have a guest and admin role for a room, but that only for preconfigured conferences,

not on TMS booked ones.

For more information about these parts please check the mcu documentation.

If you have some power users in your organization maybe think about letting them have access to

specific meeting rooms on the MCU webinterface or booking / chancing their own conferences.

For h323 calls mxp systems had some more conference control capabilities.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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