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Using subzone as Target in VCS

Hi All,


Is there any way I can use any subzone that I created in Target while defining search rule ? The only option I get is "Local Zone" or other zones created. I was informed that this feature is there in new VCS versions may 7.2 n above. I am running at 8.1.1 but still cant see subzone in target. If its possible using CPL, please guide me in designing that.




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'm running X8.2 and I don't

'm running X8.2 and I don't see an option to target a specific subzone, only zones.  You can specify a source subzone, but not target.

What do you want to do, are you trying to limit who can call who?

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Hi Patrick,We have two MCUs

Hi Patrick,

We have two MCUs located in different locations. MSE 8000 with one 8510 blade in each MCU. Only MCU at location-A is utilized now and other and location B sits ideal. Both are on different service prefix. One on "30" and other on "31". Users generally use 30xxxx to create adhoc conf.  I want that calls should land first on Location-A MCU and if this goes down, automatically to other MCU.

My thought is to define a search rule and to make some changes as follows:

  1. Assign same service prefix “30” to Location-B MCU as well, which is now “31”.
  2. Next create two different subzone for each MCU. i.e Location-A MCU subzone and Location-B MCU subzone.
  3. Create search rule with high priority like Priority: 20, Mode: Alias pattern match, Type: Prefix, Pattern String: 30, Target: Location-A MCU Subzone
  4. Create another search rule with lower priority like Priority: 25, Mode: Alias pattern match, Type: Prefix, Pattern String: 30, Target: CHN MCU Subzone.

 This will make calls first land on Location-A and when its down to Location-B. But the problem is I cannot set the target as specific subone. If I do nothing only make both MCU on same service prefix, calls will start going to both MCU (if I am not wrong, and I cannot prioritize to which MCU it should land first). This use case made me think of this.



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You should be able to do this

You should be able to do this with CPL.

Have Location-A MCU be called first until it doesn't answer (meaning it's full or down), and then start calling Location-A MCU.

The thing to consider and I don't know how it would behave unless you tested it, that if A came back up while calls were on B, and someone called in using the prefix+ID and needed to be in a conference on B, I don't know if the CPL would put them on A or it would place them in the existing conference.

You can take a look at the VCS admin guide and CPL examples for more info.  I don't have my old forking CPL anymore which forked a single address to two endpoints, one at a time based on if the first one was busy.

Do you have FindMe on your VCS, if so you, you can do this with it?  FindMe is the same as doing this with CPL, which is why I don't have my CPL anymore, because I created it with FindMe.

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