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Using TMS Provisioning to update Jabber Video (Movi)

Is it possible to us the primary level option (not OS/software specific) to provisiong all versions of Jabber Video (Movi)?  I'd like to try to use only one provisioning configuration for each type of software upgrade option where I don't have to have one for each version of the program we might have in use.  So the primary level option would send out an upgrade notice to anyone no matter what version of the program they use.

I know I have to have atleast one configuration template from v4.2 or higher to have the OS specific options.

Software URL/Version

Windows Software URL/Version

OS X Software URL/Version


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Using TMS Provisioning to update Jabber Video (Movi)

I've been sucsessful with provisioning Windows to prompt the users to upgrade using the lower level Windows URL/Version options.  However it doesn't seem that OS X doesn't want to do the same.  Can anyone out there confirm or possible give advise as to what might be going on?

One another note, currently on the software versions I have it set to v4.3, as you can see from my screenshot.  Though I am running v4.4 for testing purposes, and with every login I am prompted to upgrade.  In the upgrade prompt the version it says I can upgrade to is v4.3. Shouldn't the 4.4 version I'm running not prompt me to upgrade since it's version number is higher than what configured in TMS.

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Using TMS Provisioning to update Jabber Video (Movi)

I forgot to mention that we are currently using TMS Agent Legacy.  If anyone has any thoughts on this running both in Legacy and the new Provisioning Extension, I'd like to know if it's possible for each deployment method.


Re: Using TMS Provisioning to update Jabber Video (Movi)

You have to provision all three kinds, the two OS dependent settings for newer versions and

the generic function for the older ones.

There might have been a bug in a mac version not showing it, I wonder if I had red something about that.

Anyhow, I also remember having seen a popup where you could click on ignore the upgrade info

on OSX, maybe that's what happened here.

If you have resistant users, maybe it help sending them a personal mail "hey upgrade your client, here is the

download link"

You can see the used software version in the provisioning directory or monitor it with the registration status on the VCS.

Regards the higher version, also think that behavior changed, I think with older versions reacted as you

expect, but I also saw the current version asks for a downgrade.

Would be nice to have this as an option, I see both ways as suitable, fixed software version or newer as.

In short, if you really want to know how it behaves, you would need to test with each software version how it behaves, ... :-/

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Using TMS Provisioning to update Jabber Video (Movi)

Thanks Martin, I have done some testing, I figured I'd get some opionions from others that might have tried this and find out any solutions or insights they might have had.

You can see in my first post in the screen shot, I've provisioned the software options that doesn't specify what model/version.  It works, however the program seems to react to the software provisioning differently from Windows to MAC.  Since Windows will prompt for upgrade no matter what version your running, until you reach the version you provisoned.  I'll do some more testing with the MAC client, perhaps I missed something.

BTW, I did notice that it does prompt for downgrade, as we're currently running 4.3, but I'm using 4.4 for testing purposes before sending it out.  I get the downgrade prompt everytime Iogin.

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