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VC session Record

Dear Team ,


I Have old model of Tandberg 550 MXP now my query is here that i want to record Video conference session call on DVR Recorder or DVD player etc. it is possible or not...? I want to tell you that i m using only 550 mxp for video conferencing.

please suggest...


Thanks & Regards



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550 MXP, haven't seen an

550 MXP, haven't seen an older MXP in a few years, brings back some memories.

Looking at the user guide, I don't see additional outputs as with the newer codecs, just single outputs going to the display.  What I'd suggest doing is taking the single video/audio output from the MXP and split them to two, basically a Y-cable, this should allow you to capture exactly what you'd on the display.  You'd have to find a DVR Recorder that can either accept Composite input or S-Video from the MXP.

If I saw the image right it

If I saw the image right it has 3 video outputs (dvi, (maybe on older ones just vga), s-video and composite) though I am not sure how many can be active at the same time. If so then just use
one which is still available.

Audio seems to be only only one RCA.



Some screens or AV amplifier have additional outputs where you might be able to hook up on as well.


Besides that, if you google a bit you might find external parties offering a recording solution,
like a MCU combined with some recording device. But this would require that your endpoints can dial

external parties.


As the MXP550 is quite old  I would in addition suggest that you should think of what to

do in the future. Especially devices like the SX10 or SX20 deliver you a so much better

video quality.


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If you're using the RCA

If you're using the RCA connectors to connect the 550MXP to the display panel, the easiest thing to do would be to stick the recording device (VCR/DVD Recorder) between the 550MXP and the screen (they usually have both RCA in and out connections).

If you're using one of the other connectors on the MXP, you can, as Martin suggested, try connecting the RCA connections up as well and see if you get anything on the recorder.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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