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VCS 7.1 Extension Provisioning Services

i am doing an upgard of VCS to 7.1 and in the document, it 's recommanded to switch the mode to Extension Provisiong Services mode. I am wondering what is the difference between legacy mode and extension provisioning services mode and what are the advantages for it.


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VCS 7.1 Extension Provisioning Services

Provsioning before TMSPE builds on Java OpenDS LDAP database, which sometimes fails to synchronize data. TMSPE now saves Provsioning data to the MSSQL on the server and to the local database on the VCS (don't know exactly what database this is). The synchronisation is done by http request from the VCS to the TMS, which fetches provisioning data like users, devices, configurations and phonebooks.

I experienced that this is way more stable than the OpenDS LDAP database.

Regards, Paul
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VCS 7.1 Extension Provisioning Services

There is also a whitepaper on why to upgrade to TMSPE:

Regards, Paul
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VCS 7.1 Extension Provisioning Services

Hi Zaw

The legacy provisioning model which was utilizing OpenDS is going to be discontinued (in one of the future releases of TMS) and the new Provisioning Extension will be the way forward. We recommend everyone using the legacy model to migrate over to the new provisioning extension as it is more scalable, reliable and plain and simple better. Its supported from TMS 13.2 and VCS X7.1.

TMSPE uses SQL as its back end database which is much more reliable than the previous OpenDS which is an open source LDAP Directory.

I am not going to weigh any pros on the legacy mode as it will be discontinued so at some point if you want to keep being able to upgrade your TMS you will have to migrate over at some point (if you are currently using the legacy provisioning model that is). I think that is the best argument I can give. Here is some links to documentation.

Why migrate to and use the TMSPE:


TMS Provisioning Extension:

Hope this helps


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