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New Member

VCS call failed - temporarily not available

Dear Friends

We have Cisco Video TelePresence using VCS as a call control and consist of several endpoint + MCU.

When dial to MCU number, call often failed to establish and we check in search history the call is list the destination endpoint is temporarily not available.

I've check the error temporarily not available in the documentation guide, and state that we need to add xcommand DefaultLinksAdd in VCS.

after add the command, we still facing the same problem.

any one can help or have same problem ?     

VCS environment :

- X7.1

- TMS ver 13.2

- MCU 4220 software ver 4.3 (2.18)

- Jabber for TelePresence 4.4.

- C20



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VCS call failed - temporarily not available


can you post a screenshot of the search history entry for one of these failing calls? Please make sure to include the full search history event, and not just the top portion.



New Member

Re: VCS call failed - temporarily not available

Hi Andreas

Attached detail search history for call to MCU that defined as temporarily not available.

Thanks for your reply.



Re: VCS call failed - temporarily not available

Can you describe your environment in more detail? 

The search indicates 'Found: True' with the neighbor gatekeeper for the alias '3958901'. Is this the VCS/GK where the MCU is registered?

If not, where are the endpoints and MCU registered?

What are the 5 alarms you have on the VCS the screenshot was taken from?

Is the MCU conference registered on both SIP and H323? Is 3958901 the registered alias of this conference you are trying to reach?

New Member

Re: VCS call failed - temporarily not available

Hi Andreas

Sorry for late reply

We registered MCU 4220 to VCS-C using H323, prefix 39589 with numeric ID register to gatekeeper : 01 & 05

For your question about search detail result that pointing to gatekeeper, I can confirm that the previous capture is wrong and I attach the update search detail capture.    

For question about alarm, the alarm indicate :

- Configuration warning > Presence services to work correctly must be enabeld authentication in Default Subzone.

- Configuraiton warning > VCS is running in a legacy TMS agent mode.

- Insecure password in use

- Security alert > the TMS agent database has the default LDAP password set

- Security alert > the TMS agent database has the default replication password.

And currently we always experience the problem, cannot dial the MCU but after we update the config on MCU we can dial the MCU prefix.

Have you experience this problem before ?

Sorry if my explanation is not clear for you.



Re: VCS call failed - temporarily not available

Hi Novriadi,

you need to take care of only 1st alarm. Presence server require the messages to be authenticated otherwise the presence won't work. set the default subzone to "check credentials" or "treat as authenticated".

from one of the screenshot i see that it gives a policy response error..making above changes will fix that issue.

The "Legacy TMS Agent mode" warning is because you are still running TMS agent in legacy mode instead of using TMSPE (the new way of provisioning). Don't have to worry too much about this as you can still run the Legacy TMS Agent mode on x7.1. however we strongly recommend to use the TMSPE .

regarding alarm 3&4 since you are using default passwords thats the reason you are getting this alarms.

regarding the call issue i just see that it is matching to dial to MCU search rule but that just have pattern string as 39589 and it says there  any other search after this also ? or it just ends there?



New Member

Re: VCS call failed - temporarily not available

Hi Alok

As you can see in my search rule capture before, dial to MCU we set to highest priority with stop to make sure the call wouldn't match to other search rule.

the problem is MCU prefix and ID that registered to VCS sometimes cannot be called even though in search history inform that the call match with search rule dial to MCU, but when we update MCU config and test dial again to the same destination prefix, the call is succeed.

is the problem occur because software bug / wrong configuration ?..this is the first time I work with Codian MCU so we doesn't know the behavior of this MCU.

If you have any suggestion / experiencing same issue, it will be great..:)




Re: VCS call failed - temporarily not available

Unreachable destination could indicate that there is a firewall between your VCS and the MCU, preventing the VCS to connect to the MCU on TCP port 1720.

To further troubleshoot this issue, I would recommend that you start a diagnostics log on the VCS (With Network log level set to DEBUG) and place a test call towards the MCU. When the call attempt fails, stop the diagnostics log, open it in a text editor and search for the IP address of your MCU throughout the log. If you see any "TCP connection failed" entries for the MCU's IP address this would indicate a firewall/ACL rejecting the connection attempt from the VCS towards the MCU.

If you are not able to identify the issue yourself, I'd recommend you raise a TAC case and provide the diagnostics log along with a description of the issue.

- Andreas