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VCS Expressway and Multiple VBCS Controllers

I know that the Expressway can connect to multiple VCS Controllers in a single domain.

Wondering if an Expressway can be paired to Controllers from sevberal different domains, Kind of a Hosting of multiple company's VCS Controller and a Hosted VCS Expressway.

If it can, what is the limit?

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VCS Expressway and Multiple VBCS Controllers

Should be no problem at all.

You simply define search rules with domains pointing to the specific traversal or neighbor zones.

It depends a bit on your deployment what you want to do, where I see challenges

* authentication

* call limits

* tms management

* provisioning

* e164 numbering plans

* registrations from external

* ...

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VCS Expressway and Multiple VBCS Controllers


I figured there would need to be some search rules that would need to be played with.

My concern is more with the secure communications that the Expressway has with the Control.

Would each control have its own authentication user id or would I use the same one that I currently have?

And I am guessing that there would be a secure handshake going between the Expressway and each of the other control units.

VCS Expressway and Multiple VBCS Controllers

Yes, you would need to do the following:

Set up multiple Traversal Server Zones on your VCS-E, along with a unique username and password in the VCS-E local database, e.g:

Traversal Server Zone 1



Traversal Server Zone 2



VCS-C 1 would set up a traversal client zone, using Username1 and Password1.  VCS-C 2 would set one up with Username2, Password2 etc.

You would then need to configure search rules on the VCS-E to forward the correct E164 numbers and/or the correct domains to the relevant VCS-C.  Each VCS-C would simply send everything that's not on its local domain to the VCS-E.

VCS Expressway and Multiple VBCS Controllers

Hi Richard,

you define the username and password on vcs-e and then use the same username password on the vcs-c while setting up the traversal zone.

you can define the same username and password on multiple vcs-e and then use it on vcs-c, or you can use a different set of userid/password as well.

when the vcs-c contacts the vcs-e it will be checked for authentication and once the succesfull authentication done then only traversal relation between vcs-e and vcs-c will be active.



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