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VCS Expressway Single NIC


I have VCS Express way and VCS Control. VCS Expressway has only single nic. NO license for the DUAL NIC. Is it possible i can connect this to firewall DMZ and do a statis NAT to the public IP.?

I have done in this way, but calls from outside to inside is not working. Could not find the call reaching the VCS EXpressway on port 5060. But in firewall all the ports are opened. In firewall logs i can see SIP messages on port 5060 is sending towards VCS Expressway.

Appreciate any quick response on this.


Re: VCS Expressway Single NIC

You need the dual NIC option key installed when you're NAT'ing. That doesn't mean you have to use both NICs, but the option key also enables the NAT option on the VCS-E - which you do need.

Take a look at this thread:

Note in particular:

"VCS-E must know own IP address to communicate remote device therefore when deploy with NAT configuration, NAT address have to be configured on VCS-E"


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