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VCS-Expressway Translation Rule Help

Have a sticky problem that I am looking for help in finding and configuring a solution for.

Have remote non-Cisco Video Endpoints that I can register as H.323 endpoints to my Expressway.

What I then need to do is configure a set of search rules so that when they want to d=go to a specific SIP address, that the Expressway can grab it and translate that into the correct SIP URIand have the call go through.

The reason this is important is that these endpoints when they try to do SIP, the manufacturer has added to the SIP INFO messages and others that will eventually break the call. (so much for standards)

Any thoughts?

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VCS-Expressway Translation Rule Help

Hi Richard,

Can you elaborate more as in what is source and destination plus what it should be transform to.

also the SIP address you are mentioning where it exists?? is it on vcs control registered as SIP URI???? or some where else.

also it would be good if you gives a insight of deplyoment !! Additionaly check the deploymnet guide for Expressway and control traversal deployment. I guess you would get some idea with this but not sure it will serve your purpose.



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VCS-Expressway Translation Rule Help

Sorry for some of the vagueness in the question.

The H.323 endpoints are Polycom HDX

I am having them point to my Expressway as their gateway(long and complicated story)

The destination is a Callway MeetMe bridge.

What I want to do is have the request from the PolyCom units to come to the Expressway and then the Expressway through either Dial Search rule and/or Transform rule send the request as an SIP INVITE and have the Expressway do the transversal interworkings.

I have it just about there with a search rule that takes a and translates that to the

but it stays as an H.323.  I would like it do end up being a SIP, but maybe I realy do not care as long as the call stays up.

VCS-Expressway Translation Rule Help


The Interworking feature of VCS depends on the incoming and outgoing call leg. If the incoming call leg is H.323 and outgoing is SIP then VCS will interwork in a call utilize interworking feature.

From your description lets take a example that call comes in as and you want it to translates it to let say for e.g., correct me here if i am wrong.

Also in your post i see this requirement is for a specific URI to dial which relates to E.164 number. ??correct again if i am wrong.

So i would prefer to create a specific search rule with higher priority so that it matches first and then replace the destination with new URI address and pass this to the zone which is set for call via callway.

Now again the interworking depends if the callway zone through which you route the calls has SIP or H.323 realtionship? If it doesn't have any H.323 and its only SIP then the VCS will interwork the call as sends a INVITE to callway.

I hope this clarifies the interwork but what i didn't got is you were talking of some SIP Info messages??please elaborate that part as well.

Thx for the feedback. I would highly appreciate it if you could rate my messages by using the stars below each message



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