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VCS Expressway with CUCM



I need a firewall traversal appliance


I found the VCS Expressway appliance datasheet and it is suitable


Can I use it with CUCM without having another box as VCS Control


Or I should use two appliances [expressway and control] ?


Can the VCS expressway alone receive the call and pass it to the CUCM ?







Unfortunately its not

Unfortunately its not possible, you will need the VCS Control.

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Hi George, thanks for your

Hi George,


thanks for your reply


Now I get confused with VCS [ expressway & Control ] and Expressway [ Edge & Core ]

When to use each of them and what is preferred if I have CUCM






Expressway E/C is free with

Expressway E/C is free with CUCM. You use Expressway C/E if you want VPNless Jabber and B2B calling. 

VCS C is free to an extent but VCS E is not. You use VCS C/E if you need to register 3rd party video endpoints to VCS. If you want to schedule conference calls and use TMS use VCS C/E. 

If the only thing you want is extend calls to Jabber with CUCM, use Expressway C/E. B2B video calling requires an additional license which has costs associated with it.

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Hi George,I have to say that

Hi George,

I have to say that the entire naming convention Cisco has decided to use for this seems ridiculous. Reusing the terms "Expressway" and the lettering "E" and "C" to essentially refer the the same product but in different modes, and that can be applied in different ways to refer the either device in the pair is simply daft IMHO.

I must also say that I had thought that it was simply the VCS-E (albiet with a edge collaboration licence) that was used in conjunction with CUCM, not both the VCS-C and VCS-E.

So let me get this straight:

In terms of actual hardware, the VCS-E or Video Communication Server Expressway = Expressway Edge or Expressway E, but the latter has the Collaboration (or Expressway???) licence installed and is used with CUCM to provide Mobile and Remote Access proxy?

Again, in terms of hardware, the VCS-C or Video Communication Server Control - Expressway Core or Expressway-C, but again the latter has the Collaboration (or Expressway???) licence installed and is used with CUCM to provide Mobile and Remote Access proxy.

When using CUCM, you get a FREE virtual server for both the Expressway Core and Edge to allow proxying and firewall traversal for Mobile and Remote Access for the Jabber client??


We don't utilise (as yet) CUCM but have used the VCS's since Tandberg days, hence the confusion. I understand how the VCS-C/E work in tandem with regards to a traditional video endpoint deployment with registrations and firewall traversal.


 Cisco is keeping the same


Cisco is keeping the same naming to show that external access isn't new feature


So now If I need registeration. I'll go to VCS expressway and control. But I see its appliance got EOL announcment on 14 Mar 2014 and the replacement is only the virtual


Is there an appliance for Expressway Edge and Core ? that I can't find its PN. Only I can see the virtual PN for it


Also to confirm this point: I'll have one ASA and will connect the expressway-E to the DMZ and expressway-C to the inside. is it right


Thanks for your valuable inputs





Hi Haithum,he one thing that

Hi Haithum,

he one thing that have NOT done is keep the same naming convention. The same actual hardware device is called multiple different names, and further they have use the letter E and C to mean different things. The culmination of this is the Expressway C (Expressway Core) which is actually a VCS-C (VCS Control) and is confusing since you have the original name "Expressway" which refers to a completely different device.

Why they couldn't just stick with the name of the devices yet add sensible licence name such as "VCS-E/C with CUCM Mobile and Remote Access" or VCS-E/C with registration and firewall traversal" or some such.

But hey, this is just a moan.

Its interesting you have spotted the EoL announcments on the VCS appliences - I missed this and we have 50+ of them.



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